Chinese Government Planning to Deal with Threat of “Western Values”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 15, 2014

Oh, Dear.
Oh, Dear.

As many readers know, I have lived and worked in China.  I believe it is a great nation, and that its economic order should be used as a model for a new White empire on the North American continent.  The flaw that I saw, firsthand, in the Chinese system is that with the opening up to the world, they had not done enough to combat the effects of Western values on their own social order.

The entertainment media of the Jews holds an almost supernatural power, and this could – and ultimately will – easily destabilize the country by working up the youth to demand “freedom” from the “oppressive” policies of the CCP.  At the same time, the materialism is in the process of corrupting the leadership of the party, weakening them so that they no longer have the moral authority to resist a youth rebellion demanding “democracy.”

Once “democracy” is in, so in will be the Jews, and so will begin the fall of the now great nation of China.

I am glad to see that the Party is attempting to address this trend, though I fear it is much to late.

From Asahi Shinbun:

China’s new national security commission will focus on thwarting “unconventional” threats against the Communist Party’s rule, such as terrorism and the influence of Western ideologies, sources said.

The Communist Party aims to use the commission to ensure stability of the state and the administration—and to prevent China from becoming the site of demonstrations similar to the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East, observers said.

The party’s Central Politburo on Jan. 24 formally endorsed the decision to establish the commission. It was proposed in autumn last year during the third plenary session of the Communist Party Central Committee.

The role and authority of the national security commission have yet to be made public, but the people named to lead the commission have been disclosed, and they underscore the extreme importance attached to the new entity.

President Xi Jinping was appointed head of the commission, while Premier Li Keqiang and Zhang Dejiang, the top legislator, will be Xi’s deputies.

Li Wei, director of the Institute of Security and Arms Control Studies under the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said the commission’s main role will be to handle unconventional security, as opposed to “conventional security,” which covers military threats posed by foreign nations.

Unconventional security relates to a broad spectrum of threats that could undermine national stability, such as terrorism, financial crises, natural disasters and infectious diseases.

National Defense University professor Gong Fangbin said the new commission will deal with at least four types of threats: cultural, Internet-related, terrorism-related and ideological.

He said Western value systems, which emphasize freedom and democracy, have dominated the world since the Cold War ended, and the online spread of these values fueled momentum for the overthrow of governments in the Arab Spring uprisings.

“Chinese youths are also being converted by Hollywood films,” Gong said.

The same thing has happened to the former communist nations of Europe, and they are now largely beyond saving, with the youth interested only in sex and money and idiot, degenerate entertainment.

Whereas Jobbik has claimed that the Muslims are somehow going to protect traditional civilization, I would have been much more comfortable with China playing this role.  But the infection of Jewish Westernization is so seductive, no one can resist it.  It is then up to us, who have already been infected, to throw off the yolk and return to tradition.

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