Chinese Economy in 2021 Will be 10% Bigger Than It was in 2019, Every Other Country Shrinks

Turns out, foisting a virus hoax on your population for the purpose of stripping them of their rights and transferring all wealth out of the hands of the middle class and into the hands of the ruling elite is not good for your economy.

It also turns out that if every developed country in the world is doing that, and you don’t do it, it’s really good for your economy.

Shocking information.


The United States and China dealt with the spread of the devastating coronavirus pandemic in vastly different ways, and that split is reshaping the global battle between the world’s two leading economies.

About 11 months after the Wuhan outbreak, China’s official GDP numbers this week show not only that the economy is growing, up 4.9% for the third quarter from a year earlier, but also that the Chinese are confident enough the virus has been vanquished to go shopping, dine and spend with gusto.

China’s total reported death toll is below 5,000 and new infections are negligible, the result of draconian lockdowns, millions of tests, and strict contact tracing that set the stage for an economic rebound.

“China’s success in containing the virus has allowed its economy to rebound more quickly, and with relatively less policy support, as compared with other large economies,” said former senior U.S. Treasury official Stephanie Segal, a senior fellow at the U.S.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The question still remains: why did the Jews agree to put China in this position?

Surely, they didn’t think China would fall for the hoax.

So what have they done?

China is hands-down the dominant nation on earth now.

They are lying about how bad the outlook really is for the West.

What is the next step?


Or just let China take over the whole world?

One of those fits in with what I know of the Jews a lot better than the other – I will tell you this.