Chinese Company to Launch Mass Sale of Cloned Cats, Plans to Clone, Sell, and Gene-Edit Other Animals Too

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2019

The Chinese are doing all kinds of fun and interesting stuff.

Mass-producing and selling cloned cats is a step in the right direction and opens up the door for even more fun and interesting stuff.

Daily Star:

A Chinese company has announced it is planning a mass sale of cloned cats to the general public.

Sinogene, China’s first biotech company to create cloned pets, is planning to sell the cats for around £29,000.

It is planning to target bereaved pet owners who have lost their feline.

The announcement comes after a scientist from the company cloned their first kitten named Garlic, born a month ago at the company’s laboratory in Beijing.

Sinogene only revealed its existence this week after the animal got stronger.

The original cat, which supplied the cells for cloning, and Garlic are identical in appearance but have different temperaments, memories and personalities.

To enable the cloned cats to share the same memories with the original, the company is considering the use of artificial intelligence.

The company currently says it is targeting 100 to 200 orders this year but hopes to receive 300 to 500 annually.

A cloned cat’s life expectancy is the same as any other cat, Lai Liangxue, Sinogene’s chief scientist and a research fellow revealed.

Sinogene made headlines by cloning a gene-edited beagle in May 2017.

Then a month later it launched commercial cloning services.

The company’s deputy general manager Zhao Jianping told Crime Russia there also plan to clone horses and carrier pigeons in the future.

Sinogene is also planning to expand services to eventually include gene editing.

All low-birthrate problems could be solved by selling cloned women pets.

Scientists are talking about making human-animal “chimera” hybrids so the lines between what’s a person and what’s a pet are already blurred.

Besides, we could just get this Chinese company to gene-edit the woman pets to add some cat ears to them and a tail to make them not technically human, which would appease the outrage machine.

Cat girls are just a form of these human-animal “chimera” hybrids that scientists are currently so excited about, so if anyone makes a fuss about it, we can just get Greta Thunberg to yell “UNITE BEHIND THE SCIENCE!” at them.

This is science, after all.

Cat-girl pet slave companions are our SCIENCE-GIVEN RIGHT and we’re going to defend this right with our SECOND AMENDMENT while our loli catgirls throw rocks at our enemies from behind us.

It’s too late to put this genie back into the bottle.

This is happening.

We’re going to go ahead and make all kinds of gene-edited humanoid girls that will help us cleanse our planet from trannies and from all of the Gender Unicorn’s minions.

We just need to convince the Chinese to do THIS ONE THING for us and everything will be better.

This is how we win.

This is why we have to be on good terms with the Chinese.

This is why we have to keep the Jews off of their backs long enough for them to do this.


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