Chinese Blame Filthy Indians for Coronavirus

India does seem like a place that would have a lot of disease. But the question is irrelevant.

Look, we already know that the virus was in Italy long before it was in Wuhan. That is a confirmed and peer-reviewed fact of reality.

I don’t see the point in blaming India – but hey, maybe it was in India too.


The coronavirus did not start in Wuhan, but instead emerged in India last summer, Chinese academics have boldly claimed, as tensions continue to flare between the two states and amid the ongoing search for the origins of Covid-19.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences claim the pandemic actually originated in India, explaining that a heatwave there from May to June 2019 spawned a water crisis, which in turn led to increased close contact between humans and wild animals such as monkeys.

In a preprint paper with the Lancet medical journal – meaning it has yet to be formally peer reviewed – the Chinese researchers outline their explanation of the “zoonotic transmission” of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from monkeys to humans as they shared water resources.

The researchers also say that India’s poor hygiene conditions and “less efficient” public medical system, as well as its “tropical climate” and “very young population”, were all contributing factors in the virus’s spread.

They estimate that the first “human-to-human transmission” of Covid-19 in India was in July or August.

The point of this whole coronavirus drama is this: the release of this virus was part of a Western globalist agenda to create an economic collapse and steal the freedoms of the people in anticipation of the creation of a global government system. That means that it cannot have been a coincidence or an accident.

Wherever it came from, the West was responsible for its release. We know that as a matter of fact because of their extremely organized response.

All of this other information about the virus is really a side issue. The core fact of reality is that this is all part of a conspiracy to bring in a “Great Reset” to create a New World Order.