Chinese AIDS-Resistant Mutants are Alleged to be a Failure

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2019

Okay, so the mutant can’t resist AIDS… Can he regenerate lost limbs? Shoot lasers out of his eyes? What’s the deal here, China?

There’s no doubt that China is ahead of the West in the field of gene-editing in order to create ubermensch-type people. After all, the Jews and their whining about ethics and Nazi eugenics have completely short-circuited our research to produce “Newtype” supermen.

However, I have to say that I’m severely disappointed that China’s first mutant program is about preventing AIDS or HIV or whatever. Even infrared vision would have been way cooler than that.

Can you imagine being at the mutant conference, and when asked what your mutant superpower is, you have to answer “I can stick things in my butthole without having my immune system collapse.”


Fortunately, those Chinese babies won’t have to live with that embarrassment, since apparently the experiment is a failure.

Asia Times:

The gene-editing performed on Chinese twins last year meant to immunize them against HIV may have failed in its purpose and created unintended mutations, scientists said Tuesday after the original research was made public for the first time.

Excerpts from the manuscript were released by the MIT Technology Review for the purpose of showing how Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui ignored ethical and scientific norms in creating the twins Lula and Nana, whose birth in late 2018 sent shockwaves through the scientific world.

He made expansive claims of a medical breakthrough that could “control the HIV epidemic,” but it was not clear whether it had even been successful in its intended purpose – immunizing the babies against the virus – because the team did not, in fact, reproduce the gene mutation that confers this resistance.

I’m not clear on how genes can confer immunity to AIDS. Are these genes that prevent men from turning into homos?

That would actually be a major breakthrough.

As for HIV… That’s a complete waste of time. I personally strongly suspect that HIV itself is a complete hoax. But even if it isn’t, it wouldn’t really matter, because all the behaviors that lead to AIDS symptoms would continue to destroy people’s immune systems regardless of the existence of HIV.

No mutation can make eating trash, taking drugs and having unlimited unprotected sex safe. If you want to stop Africa’s AIDS epidemic, figure out a mutation to make niggers smart.

Anal sex, hard drugs and malnutrition will destroy your health no matter what viral immunities you have, so trying to find a HIV vaccine or HIV resistance gene is a complete waste of time.

A small percentage of people are born with immunity because of a mutation in a gene called CCR5 and it was this gene that He had claimed he had targeted using a powerful editing tool known as CRISPR which has revolutionized the field since bursting on the scene in 2012.

Fyodor Urnov, a genome-editing scientist at the University of California, Berkeley told the MIT Technology Review: “The claim they have reproduced the prevalent CCR5 variant is a blatant misrepresentation of the actual data and can only be described by one term: a deliberate falsehood.

“The study shows that the research team instead failed to reproduce the prevalent CCR5 variant.”

While the team targeted the right gene, they did not replicate the “Delta 32” variation required, instead creating novel edits whose effects aren’t clear.

Moreover, CRISPR remains an imperfect tool because it can lead to unwanted or “off-target” edits, making its use in humans hugely controversial.

Here, the researchers claimed they had searched for such effects in the early-stage embryos and found just one – but this glossed over the fact that it would be impossible to carry out a comprehensive search without inspecting each of the embryo’s cells and thus destroying it.

“Novel edits whose effects aren’t clear.”

So there’s still hope for something cool.

I’m crossing my fingers for whatever the hell Tetsuo had in Akira. That was one rad mutation.

But yeah, the West better get its shit together fast.

Even though this particular experiment is ostensibly a failure, just the fact that they’re actually creating genetically engineered mutants in labs shows that China is willing and able to start producing super humans.

If we continue to let Jews dictate what is permissible to research, it won’t be long before China has an army of 7-foot tall, 300 IQ space marine types ready for action, while we’re still spending all our research money on how to extend the lives of African cave-babies and homosexuals.

The clock is ticking, White man.