China’s Alleged Oppression of Christians is Not What the Media Claims

In a recent piece about singing dogs, I mentioned that evangelical missionaries are not very helpful in most of the third world countries they operate in, and the whole thing is basically a racket.

Missionaries are also often American intelligence assets. People go on and on about the repression of Christians in China, but China has state sanctioned Christian churches in every city. Seriously, type “church” into Google Maps.

What the shills claiming that Christianity is repressed in China are talking about is “home churches,” which are services held in people’s houses because they’re explicitly against the government. Say what you want about having policies against organizing against the government, but that is the reason that home churches get shut down – in China, it’s illegal to organize against the government.

In any city in China, however, you can walk into a church of whichever denomination you choose on any given Sunday. Needless to say, that’s a whole helluva lot more than you can say for a lot of places in America, where Christianity has been de facto illegal for the better part of a year, with zero end in sight.

By the way, no, this isn’t shilling for China – it is just telling you, as a matter of absolute fact, that the US Government/media complex lies about China. “Banning Christianity” and “banning Christian political organizations whose members meet in their homes to talk about how to bring down the Chinese government in the name of the US government” are not the same thing.

The media late last year made a gigantic spectacle of the fact that Wang Yi, a Christian pastor, was jailed in China, acting as though he was put in prison for being a Christian.

It’s absolute nonsense. Let me tell you about Wang Yi: Wang Yi was a public intellectual and a university law professor – specializing in human rights (!). In 2005, he converted to Christianity. By 2006, he was flying to Washington to meet with George W. Bush, to discuss how to bring human rights to China.

He then spent nearly 15 years publicly agitating against the Chinese government with this human rights gibberish before he was eventually sent to prison for consistently breaking laws against political agitation.

This is what happens when you look at any of these horror stories from China. It’s all massively exaggerated.

Chinese people have a lot of problems, such as a tendency toward yelling in public places and spitting in elevators. However, the cartoon evil that that New York Times and CNN present is not really any more truthful than any of the other presentations of these alleged news outlets.