China: Woman Gives Birth to Twins With Different Fathers, Husband Finds Out

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2019

Women will lie to your face, but there’s this weird little trick Chinese people do to find out the truth anyways: DNA testing.


A woman in China has reportedly given birth to twin boys with different fathers.

Results of DNA tests meant the new mother had to admit she had cheated on her husband in a one-night stand, after initially denying she had an affair, according to Xiamen-based newspaper, Strait Herald.

The husband is reported to have felt strange after one of the boys didn’t look like him, and after receiving the test results, was left with no option but to question his wife over and over for her to tell the truth.

Always trust your gut.

If your gut is telling you that kid isn’t yours, chances are that kid isn’t yours.

If your gut tells you she has some nasty STD, chances are she has some nasty STD. In fact, chances are she has a nasty STD anyways, no matter what your gut tells you, so if your gut tells you she’s dirty, she’s probably worse than dirty.

The story was revealed after the couple, from south-eastern China’s Xiamen city, had to register the birth of their twin sons at the local police station early last year.

In order to complete the registration, they had to produce the results of a paternity test to prove that the babies were theirs.

The husband, known only by a pseudonym, Xiaolong, had wondered why one of his sons didn’t look like him.

Upon receiving the DNA results, he was still shocked at discovering that one of the boys did not have any biological relationship with him, according to a director at the Fujian Zhengtai Forensic Identification Centre.

Mandatory paternity tests to register babies… China is pretty cool. Makes sense, too.

Why don’t we have something like that here in the West?

Oh, right. Jews.

Upon being confronted by Xiaolong, the wife admitted she had slept with another man and that it was a one-night stand.

The father said he was happy to raise his own child, but not the one from someone else.

Wwh-wait a second.

Is he allowed to say that in current year?

Isn’t he supposed to take in infinity browns and blacks and care for the kids of the People of Legumes?

It doesn’t look like it.

Man, China sounds like a great place. You can openly be against paying for another man’s kid, paternity tests are required, lots of interesting technological stuff happening, and much more.

Makes me want to vote for Chairman Yang even more.

Get some of that Chinese efficiency and common-sense approach to government.

Get $1000 dollars a month.

The only reason to make DNA testing difficult or politically incorrect is to facilitate the cucking of men, and the Chinese are having none of that.

We should have none of that.

Trusting women doesn’t work. It has never worked and it will never work. Their word is worthless. Their tears are worthless. Every emotion they display is an act carefully constructed and calculated to provoke a response in men. They’re deception machines.

We have to use science to fight these lying harpies.

Get science and technology to work for our benefit and stop wasting resources on tranny research. Trannies are not human. Women are not human. Browns and blacks are not human.

We are human.

Humanity first.

The way it should be.