China Warns Tourists Not to Get Shot by Niggers in America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2018

We are a travel warning nation now, just so you understand.

That is where we are at.

People from serious countries are scared to come here, because they might get shot by niggers or robbed or raped by one of our other many types of vibrant colorfuls.

Serious countries have law and order.

America is a joke country.

South China Morning Post:

Chinese tourists planning a trip to America have been warned of “frequent shootings” and the high cost of medical care in a notice by China’s embassy in the US.

“Social security in the States is not satisfactory. Shootings, robbery, theft happen frequently,” the statement said.

“Be aware of suspicious people around you and avoid going out alone at night.”

The notice also reminded would-be tourists that the local “911” emergency service lines provide a Chinese-language service.

“A US visa does not guarantee you have the right to enter the country,” it said. “Law enforcers at the customs [desks] have the ultimate power to decide.”

It went on to say that “arguing with law enforcers won’t help” people trying to enter the country, and “will only make things worse”.

Yeah, that’s a whole other issue. Also a signal of social collapse. Authorities are not reasonable and take pride in it.

Many, many years ago I booked a connecting flight through China and my visa was expired. They fully had a right to deny me my connecting flight, hold me in the terminal, force me to return to my origin.

However, I was taken in a room with some reasonable oriental gentlemen in very serious uniforms, and was able to argue my way into a transit visa allowing me to change terminals to get to my connecting flight. On time.

Meanwhile in America, we’re letting Aztec savages flood across our border, while rich Chinese tourists who come here exclusively to spend money are getting hassled and abused at the airport.

Name one single problem a Chinese tourist has caused in America?

Well, there is one, but there is only one: and it is only an issue if it’s a bitch that is visibly pregnant. And you don’t need to go through her phone to find that out, or even talk to her, you just look at her – if she is visible pregnant, yeah, just deny entry.

People who have never been out of the United States have no idea how reasonable the authorities in the rest of the world are in comparison.

I don’t like to go through the x-ray machines they have at airports now, and me, being a well-dressed white man, can in most countries say I don’t want to go through the machine, smile and say “I’m not a Moslem,” and they will just laugh and let me through.

A potential bomber being groped by a dyke, because of the freedoms

Everyone focuses on the fact that authoritarian regimes are so much harder on criminals than “democracies.” What they don’t tell you is that the opposite is true – they are much easier on normal people, who are clearly not going to cause any problems.

And so of course the reverse is true in “democracies” – normal people are continually hassled over nonsense, while the actual criminal element is treated with kid gloves.

Living in America, you have constant uncomfortable and degrading run-ins with police. Whether it is at traffic stops or whatever, these interactions always contain an underlying element of abuse.

Obviously a big part of that is the low quality of the people who work as police officers – because of the situation created for them, where they are asked to risk their lives babysitting niggers for relatively low pay – but it’s the system itself that created the situation where low quality people are the law.

No “authoritarian regime” – and I’ve lived in a lot of them – ever hassled me over anything other than asking for bribes, which they did politely.


Democracy is shit, we should be calling for more authoritarianism to protect the people from abuses of authority and from crime and allow them to live peaceful, free lives.