China Uses Anti-Trust Law to Crack Down on Local Tech Monopolies

In American Freedom World, tech monopolies have been allowed to seize total control of the government. They are allowed to decide who is allowed to speak, and they are able to determine the outcome of elections. They are completely unregulated by anyone.

Meanwhile, in the oppressive and anti-freedom country of China…


Chinese government agents, including the antitrust watchdog, the cyber police, and tax authorities paid surprise visits to multiple domestic internet companies, including Didi Chuxing Technology Co, to check on possible antitrust violations, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The agencies, including the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Cyberspace Administration of China, and the State Tax Administration agents, have grilled senior executives, downloaded contracts, financial records, and collected emails, internal communications.

These actions are a part of a regulatory review that followed submissions of self-examinations by 34 technology companies summoned in April.

The antitrust watchdog held another meeting with provincial-level regulators and asked them to follow up on the investigations in May.

The 34 companies included short-video app operator Bytedance Ltd, food-delivery firm Meituan (OTC: MPNGF) (OTC: MPNGY), and social media company Tencent Holdings Ltd (OTC: TCEHY).

The State Administration for Market Regulation senior official harped the importance of antimonopoly law enforcement for ensuring fair competition.

In 2020, the Chinese government canceled financial-technology firm Ant Group Co.’s initial public offering days after its controlling shareholder, Jack Ma’s speech enraged government leaders and regulators.

Last week, Didi’s IPO prospectus disclosed the completion of the regulator-mandated self-inspection and regulators’ on-site inspections.

China’s anti-competitive practice crackdown on influential internet firms began in late 2020. In April, China penalizedAlibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE: BABA) by $2.8 billion following an antitrust probe. Recently, the crackdown has broadened to data privacy violations as well.

Yes, they’re also protecting privacy, which is something that there is bipartisan opposition to in the United States.

It’s almost like America isn’t really all that free, or a bastion of capitalism.

Here’s a Tucker Carlson piece from last week on America’s entrenched anti-antitrust positions.

If China is truly anti-freedom, as the government of America claims, that it is certainly not reflecting well on them that China is so much more free than America.

China defends freedom of speech better than America, and they also care to defend the free market and protect small businesses. You can go all the way down the line and look at every type of freedom, and find that there is a lot more of it in China than there is in the United States (unless you consider gay anal sex “freedom”).

Anyone who tells you that America is somehow more free than China is lying to you on purpose.

Even if you believe China isn’t very free, you have to admit it is much, much more free than the US. There is no other honest take on the situation.

It’s easy to understand the situation, because America is controlled by Jews.