China to US: “We Don’t Need a World Where China Becomes Another United States”

I get more pushback for my articles on China than I used to get for my articles saying that women should be beaten, raped and locked in cages.

I feel that I need to preface every single article I write about China with this: I did not choose this topic. The American media and government have chosen the topic of China, saying that this notably silly country on the other side of the planet, run by an alien race, with a government that cannot manage to occupy its own internationally recognized territory, is the number one issue we need to be talking about.

The purpose of this site is, at its core, to push back against the narrative of the media, and thus, I have been put in a position where I’m required to comment extensively on the nation of China. Other than the fact that China has been made the center of the media narrative, I do not think it is an important topic. I do not really think that China and its policies would rank in the top 25 most relevant topics to Americans and white Christians in general in the year 2021. It would probably rank in the top 50, somewhere significantly below the Cyberpunk 2077 debacle.

But here I am writing about it every day, because the US media and government have made it this top issue.

Some recent comments by a Chinese official get to the heart of the matter regarding my lack of personal concern with this Asian nation.


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has admonished Washington’s combative approach to foreign relations, insisting that China-US ties would improve if both nations sought cooperation and self-improvement.

In a wide-ranging interview with state media, Wang acknowledged that Beijing’s relationship with Washington has faced “unprecedented difficulties,” accusing the American side of attempting to “suppress” China and “start a new Cold War.”

He said that such provocations hurt the interests of both nations and that the strategy of confrontation was ultimately “doomed to fail.”

The foreign minister noted that Washington may feel anxious about China’s “rapid development,” but he urged the US to focus on “self-improvement” rather than trying to “block” others from advancing. Wang stressed that as China becomes a larger player on the world stage, it will not attempt to emulate Washington’s behavior.

“We don’t need a world where China becomes another United States. This is neither rational nor feasible. Rather, the United States should try to make itself a better country, and China will surely become its better self.”

Wang insisted that his country has never interfered in the internal affairs of the US and that it was ready to pursue a relationship with Washington based on cooperation and stability. The top Chinese diplomat expressed hope that the incoming Biden administration will “return to a sensible approach” and restart cooperation between the two countries. He urged Washington to “draw lessons from the past” which allow for a model of peaceful coexistence.

What he is actually saying is this: “We have no desire for confrontation with the US, we have no desire to do what the US is doing and try to rule the world. All we want is to be left alone, over here in Asia, to build our economic systems. We are more than happy to be friends with foreigners, on the single condition that they stay out of our business.”

This is actually obviously true.

When Mike Pompeo, or The New York Times, or whoever, talk about the “Chinese Threat,” what are they actually talking about? What is the supposed end game of the Chinese? They never say, but apparently the implication is that China is going to invade America and enslave people to Chinese communism?

Is that what they’re suggesting? Is that what the masses of people hear? I don’t even know.

The issue is: there is no obvious goal that China could have which would infringe to any significant extent on the average American. Any such goal that might exist, or could exist, can and should be easily dealt with through normal diplomacy, that does not involve threatening a world war.

Basically, it was stupid to build China up as a massive empire in the first place. I don’t actually know why anyone thought that was a good idea. It would have made a lot more logical sense to foster an Asia that was dominated by the Japanese. But it’s already much, much too late for that. China is now the dominant Asian superpower, and they will be for several hundreds of years, at least.

So, because American politicians made the decision to make China the dominant Asian power, we now have to deal with that reality. It’s not ideal, but it’s not especially difficult, either.

This is what needs to be done:

  • We need to withdraw the US military from most of Asia.
  • We need to cease the issuance of threats to China.
  • We need to combine the cessation of hostilities to a complete overhaul of trade relations.
  • We need to accept that what happens to Vietnamese fishermen or Moslems in Xinjiang is not actually any of our business, and just stop talking about it.

If we’re pulling out forces, we can also make easy deals with regards to the sovereignty of Japan, South Korea and Australia (though it is less than clear that the latter has any interest at all in sovereignty).

Basically, the bottom line is that we have to accept that China is the dominant Asian power, and we do not have any business attempting to disrupt that order.

We can continue to keep a tough military, just in case, but the actual idea that China has any desire to launch some kind of insane land invasion of America or Europe is purely nonsensical.

I Just Can’t Hardly Even Take It Anymore

Frankly, it makes me physically sick that I have people coming at me, telling me that I need to recognize the importance of “the Yellow Peril” to America and the West.

I recently wrote a causal piece about the nature of law enforcement and authority in Asia, which was frankly very good. I think my assertion that the concept of justice in Asia is seen as emanating from the community, rather than from an established authority, is frankly worthy of a doctoral dissertation.

However, even in response to this piece, which didn’t really relate directly to Sino-American relations, I had people coming at me, regurgitating very basic Fox News type propaganda about the Chinese threat.

One reader wrote: “With the issue of China, I would say it is the only issue I disagree with the Stormer on…” before giving me 700 words as to why I should be very worried about the doings of China.

To this, I responded:

Do you notice how long that comment is?

Conversely, I can explain my position in one sentence:

“Election fraud, child trannies, obesity, socialist policies, black oppression hoaxes, the opioid crisis, feminism and the collapse of the family, abortion, censorship, economic collapse, wealth disparity, and virtually every problem in our country were caused by Jews, not Chinamen.”

If you feel the need to come up with some long, confusing thing about why you’re against the Chinese, maybe you need to ask yourself why you feel a need to do that?

Actual insects – in particular, mosquitoes, cockroaches and especially ants – have caused more problems in my life than every single Chinese person combined.

This discussion is not even remotely serious.

I just don’t know how I can possibly make this any clearer: we have really, really real problems that were are dealing with in our own country. Not one single one of these problems is coming from China. Even if you follow the narrative of the media, the reason we should be concerned about China is that it’s sad that Moslems in China are mistreated or that the Vietnamese risk losing access to fishing waters.

At this point, I feel very strongly that anyone who prioritizes China as an important topic is either an absolutely unredeemable moron, or is a traitor, attempting to distract you from the Jews that are ruining your civilization, right in front of you.

This focus on China is the absolute epitome of “look over there!” by the media.

Our own government has:

  • Completely destroyed the family through the promotion and legislation of feminism
  • Flooded us with foreigners
  • Promoted a Marxist black revolution
  • Sent our young men to fight and die in meaningless wars for Israel, which cost trillions of dollars
  • Transferred huge amounts of wealth to Israel
  • Promoted homosexuality to children
  • Promoted and legalized injecting children with hormones
  • Stolen an election right in front of us
  • Engaged in totally illegal mass censorship
  • Allowed an obesity crisis
  • Endorsed an opioid crisis
  • Locked us in our houses
  • Stripped us of all of our basic civil rights
  • Threatened to force vaccinate us with an experimental gene-altering substance
  • Totally collapsed the economy, transferring most of our middle class wealth to billionaires, bankers and multinational corporations

Those are our problems. Those are problems that affect each and every one of us, each and every day of our lives.

None of those things were done by the Chinese. The Chinese had nothing to do with any of that.

Look at this picture:

That is something that is happening in your country. Homosexuals are dressing up like demons and fondling children in public places. If you are not working to solve that problem, and are instead telling people they should be concerned about the fishing waters of a foreign country on the other side of the world, how can you not be a traitor?

If you are promoting this China gibberish, are you at least capable of understanding that you look like a traitor, attempting to distract the people with inane nonsense?

Surely, even if you don’t feel like you’re doing that, and you’re just really, really convinced that China is a super important problem, you must be able to grasp that you look like a traitor, attempting to hurt Americans by distracting them from what is actually happening right in front of their faces?