China Tells the People to Prepare for War

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2016


Remember, goyim: Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who can guarantee a World War to protect the Philippines, Estonia and the Ukraine.

And there is nothing more important than protecting these small, far-away countries from the likes of China and Russia.

It is the most important thing ever in history.


The Chinese defense minister has warned the tense situation in the South China Sea poses the threat of a direct confrontation and has called on the military, police and general population to be ready to defend the country’s territorial integrity.

Chang Wanquan made the statement while inspecting military installations in China’s eastern coastal Zhejiang Province, state news agency Xinhua reported, without giving the timing of the comments.

The seriousness of the national security situation should be recognized, particularly when it comes to threats posed at sea, Chang said.

The Chinese military, law enforcement and citizens must be ready for mobilization in the event of a “people’s war at sea,” he added.

The general public should be educated about national defense issues because national sovereignty and territorial integrity are at risk, according to the minister.

Chang’s statement comes amid unprecedented tensions over the disputed islands in the South China Sea, where Beijing has been building airstrips and military installations on reclaimed reefs and islands in waters also claimed by a number of other Asian states.

The US Navy has dispatched warships and military planes to the immediate proximity of the disputed islands, claiming it has done so to ensure the principles of freedom of navigation in international waters. Washington has been also involved in a number of military drills in the region.

Beijing has slammed the naval and aerial displays by the US as provocations, and reinforced installation on the islands with anti-ship missile and air-defense complexes.

China’s 2.3 million-strong People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is “fully confident and capable of addressing various security threats and provocations,” Chang said last weekend while addressing a summit dedicated to the 89th anniversary of the PLA’s founding.

If we all get nuked, it will be sad, but nowhere near as sad as countries like the Philippines losing parts of its maritime border to the evil Chinese.


Even if you don’t think WWIII is a good idea, you still have to vote for Clinton.

Otherwise you’re supporting a racist, who pissed on the grave of a war hero because he hated his skin tone.