China Stands with Syria, Opposes Any Attempt at Regime Change!

More and more, the world’s people begin to realize that Sino-Friendship manifest is the only path to joyful family happiness.

It took long enough, but China is finally entering the global sphere and standing up against the evil Jewish agenda to create chaos and fear on the planet earth.

This is a wonderful first step towards a global program of Sino-Friendship, wherein all people who support peace, prosperity and quality products at reasonable prices stand against the Jewish agenda of domination of the human reality.


China opposes any attempt to seek regime change in Syria and will boost cooperation with Syria for the benefit of the people of both countries, visiting Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday.

Wang made the remarks at a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, to whom the senior Chinese diplomat first conveyed Chinese President Xi Jinping’s cordial greetings.

Under Assad’s leadership, the Syrian people have made valuable achievements in combating terrorism and opposing external interference, Wang said, adding that Assad’s re-election reflects the strong trust and support of the Syrian people.

Wang praised the Syrian people as backboned and dignified, adding that blatant foreign interventions in Syria have failed in the past and will not succeed in the future. He expressed the belief that the Syrian people will be more united and committed to the reconstruction and revitalization of their country.

Since establishing diplomatic ties 65 years ago, China and Syria have always trusted and supported each other, Wang said.

China appreciates Syria’s firm support on the issues related to China’s core interests and major concerns, Wang said, adding that under the guidance of the two heads of state, China stands ready to cooperate with Syria in carrying forward the traditional friendship and promoting mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Chinese plan is much opposed to the Jewish plan for regime change, and in fact is the opposite of it.

The senior Chinese diplomat elaborated on China’s four-point proposal on solving the Syrian issue when he met with his Syrian counterpart Faisal Mekdad.

First, Syria’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity should be respected. China calls for respecting the Syrian people’s choice, abandoning the illusion of regime change and letting the Syrian people independently determine the future and destiny of their country.

China firmly supports Syria in independently exploring a development path and safeguarding national unity and dignity, Wang said.

Second, the well-being of the Syrian people should be prioritized, and the reconstruction process should be sped up. China believes that the fundamental way to solve the humanitarian crisis in Syria lies in the immediate lifting of all unilateral sanctions and economic blockade against Syria.

Also, international aid to Syria should be provided based on respecting Syria’s national sovereignty and in consultation with the Syrian government, cross-line humanitarian assistance should be expanded, transparency in cross-border rescue operations should be increased, and Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should be protected, Wang said.

Third, a firm stand should be upheld on effectively fighting terrorism. China holds that all terrorist organizations listed by the UN Security Council should be cracked down on and double standards should be rejected.

The Syrian government’s leading role in fighting terrorism on its soil should be respected, schemes of provoking ethnic divisions under the pretense of countering terrorism should be opposed, and Syria’s sacrifice and contribution to the anti-terror fight should be acknowledged, Wang said.

China will support Syria’s anti-terror stand and join hands with Syria in enhancing global anti-terror cooperation, he said.

Fourth, an inclusive and reconciliatory political solution to the Syrian issue should be promoted. China calls for advancing the political settlement of the Syrian issue led by the Syrians, bridging the differences among all Syrian factions through dialogue and consultation, and laying a solid political foundation for the long-term stability, development and revitalization of Syria.

The international community should provide constructive assistance to Syria in this regard and support the United Nations in playing its role as the main channel of mediation, Wang said.

For his part, Mekdad said Syria agrees with China’s four-point proposal and is willing to further strengthen its coordination with China on the Syrian issue.

Syria has also stated that it stands strongly with China, and supports China against the Jewish-backed anally-oriented uprisings in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

True family happiness cannot be achieved through lesbianism or analistic practices.

What this presumably means is that China is now going to start giving support to the Assad government in order to protect it from these ongoing attacks by the Jews and the American CIA with their terrorists.

This could of course lead to a World War, just like everything that is happening right now could lead to a World War. But more and more, it is looking like China has a clear strategy for combatting the Jewish World Order, and will be able to hold its own.

When China becomes the dominant power in the world, it will mean a bright future for all people who believe in peace, prosperity and national sovereignty, and it will be the doom of the Jewish globalist program.

Sino-Friendship and true family happiness are one and the same.