China Says They Will Crush Taiwanese Independence!

It might be pretty logical that if you’re Chinese, and you’re looking at America, you’re thinking “now would probably be a good time to snag Taiwan.”

I’ve said before that they’re not in a rush and time is on their side – but there is another way to look at that. As long as the US has Taiwan, they’ve got an excuse to start a war with China. If instead China is able to grab Taiwan now, in a way that totally humiliates the US-ZOG system, then the US no longer has an excuse to harass China, and by taking Taiwan, China will have hastened America’s collapse.

These recent drills and statements in no way indicate that the Chinese are thinking of taking Taiwan. But they could be thinking about that.


The Chinese military has warned it will “resolutely crush” any attempt to split Taiwan from China, a day after it shared a video of “shock” troops conducting beach landing and assault drills right across the sea from the island.

In a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily commentary on Tuesday, the military expressed its confidence at “thwarting all external interference and separatist acts of ‘Taiwan independence’.” On Monday, the PLA newspaper had posted a video on its Weibo account that showed “recent” drills, in which “multiple waves” of soldiers practiced “capturing the beach.”

The video shows soldiers storming the beach using small craft, breaking through barbed wire and other obstacles, digging trenches in the sandbar, and practicing fighting through a forest. According to the PLA, the action involved “shock” troops, sappers and boat specialists.

“If the ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces dared to split Taiwan from China in any name and by any means, the People’s Liberation Army will resolutely crush it at all costs,” the PLA Daily commentary said.

The drills were reportedly conducted at a range in Fujian province, which is just 180 kilometers across the strait from Taiwan. China considers the island part of its sovereign territory under the ‘One China’ policy, but Taiwan has been ruled by nationalists who retreated there after losing the civil war to the Communists in 1949.

On top of this, state broadcaster CCTV reportedly also aired footage of a live-fire drill that featured warships from the PLA’s Eastern Theatre Command in mock combat maneuvers. In recent months, China’s military has deployed warships and fighter jets on assault drills near Taiwan in response to US “provocations.”

Since the start of October, Chinese warplanes have made almost 150 incursions into Taiwan’s air defense zone – signaling high tensions between Taipei and Beijing. However, those flights had ceased in recent days.

Over the weekend, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Taiwan’s “independence separatism” was the “biggest obstacle” to reunification with China – adding that reunification realized by “peaceful means” would best “serve the interests of the nation as a whole,” including the island’s 25 million residents.

You’ll remember that on the Thursday before Kabul fell to the Taliban, I said at least twice, “I don’t really see what is going to hold up in Kabul, but all of the entire military is making these predictions, so I guess it’s going to take some time for the city to fall.”

With Taiwan, not even the US military makes the claim that they can hold it if China moves to take it.

So, what the US would have to do is stage a revenge attack to reclaim Taiwan. They would have to do that after social media was flooded with videos of nothing at all happening in Taipei as a result of the “Chinese invasion.”

Do you think the Bidens can organize a war with a superpower? Right now? In the midst of all the other things they’ve got going on?

If the US loses Taiwan, all of their allies are going to start running for the door.

It would presumably lead to a series of events that would topple the US dollar as the global reserve currency, thereby completely collapsing the US economy. The US has of course been trying to purposefully collapse its own economy, but not like that.

So, it’s interesting.

China is not an aggressive country. It’s not in their nature to do aggressive things. But as you map it out in your brain, taking Taiwan now is pretty low risk and very high reward.

Remember: we all suffer from the illusion that the Beast system is unbreakable even worse than the average person suffers from that delusion. But it really is not unbreakable. These people have total power, but they have no idea what the hell they’re even doing, as evidenced by everything they do, and it is simply not realistic to imagine they would have a good response to China seizing Taiwan.

The risk to China is that the US could start firing off nukes, I guess?

The current long term strategy of just waiting has its own risks, however. As long as the US holds Taiwan, they have an excuse to keep on talking about China, and to keep on harassing them. Without Taiwan, all they can do is whine about the human rights of terrorists and the fishing rights of the Vietnamese.

It’s exciting times.

There are several different paths wherein there is no third world war, and the US simply fades into obscurity on the world stage.

Of course, “fading into obscurity on the world stage” will mean increased sadistic abuses at home for as long as the regime is able to stay alive.

But more and more, I’m confident I will live to see the end of this Beast, and the dawn of a new age.

These people have angered God, and this evil cannot go on forever.