China Rolls Out Computer with Chinese CPU and Operating System

Well, I’m sure this will be of similar quality to most Made in China products.

And I don’t need to tell you what level of quality that is. You have had your own experiences with these products, which are everywhere, and can draw your own conclusions.

That is to say, obviously, it will be better than Windows.


China-made PC “Tianyue”, which uses completely independent parts and operating systems, rolls off the production line in Liaoning Province on July 3.

This is the first pure China-made computer with chip and operating system all self-developed. It is designed by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group and produced by the state-owned Shenyang Liaoning Radio.

A production line with an annual output of 100,000 sets of products has been completed, and the output value is expected to be 500 million in 10 years, with the related adaptation and after-sales service market valued at nearly 3 billion.

The “Tianyue” computer and “Tianyi” software are mainly used in the office areas of the Party and government offices, providing autonomous and controlled information systems.

As China’s first China-made self-developed computer, there is still a certain gap with the current international mainstream computer.

China-made CPU and China-made operating systems have not reached the world’s advanced technology level. And China’s operating system has not yet formed its own ecology, the user experience needs to be improved.

Progress delayed by the historical process often takes more time to repair and make up, and today China-made computers and The gap between international mainstream computers is inevitable.

I wish they would send the Daily Stormer one of these for review. We would of course give it a good review because we are anti-Windows shills, who also have serious problems with companies like, you know – Nvidia and crap.

Huawei phones are now the same as Samsung phones, but that isn’t the kind of thing they’re talking about here. To do their own processor and operating system is very serious business. Basically, it will take them ten years from first release for this to be competitive, even with huge money being poured in. They’d do better to buy AMD.