China Reminds Shoppers Not to Masturbate at IKEA

The Asian mind will forever be a source of confusion and entertainment for the people.


IKEA is NOT the place to get your rocks off … that’s the company’s friendly reminder after a woman pleasured herself on camera inside a store in China.

The Swedish furniture company is kindly reminding folks not to masturbate while shopping after footage of a woman doing just that went viral on Chinese social media.

In the raunchy clip, you see a half-dressed woman touching herself while sitting on sofas, chairs and beds displayed throughout the store — at one point, other shoppers walk by and seemingly get a peep show. The woman even twerks for the camera.

IKEA is very concerned this could become a trend. The Swedish homeware group says … “We resolutely oppose and condemn this kind of behavior, and immediately reported it to the police in the city of the suspected store.”

IKEA’s reminding shoppers to visit stores in an “orderly and civilized way.” Translation … hands to yourselves (social distancing and all), but NOT on yourselves, please!

Imagine that a government official hears that a woman was caught on video masturbating in IKEA, and his response is: “oh. Well, I guess we should issue a statement reminding people they’re not supposed to do that.”

To the Asian mind, this makes perfect sense.

The people that see the PSA will simply nod and say, “oh yes, yes. People shouldn’t do that, no.”

The entire concept of white people complaining that Asians don’t have freedom is so totally confusing if you have any knowledge of the Asians. Because there is just no place to fit these Western concepts. They think about everything totally different than white people think about anything.