China Release Viral Promotional Clip for World War, Includes Clips from Hollywood Movies

Our government is rushing us towards a world war with China, claiming that they have to do that to give the Chinese people access to anuses and to stop a Holocaust of Chinese Moslems.

At least China thinks this is funny, and is taking a light tone towards the upcoming slaughter.


China’s air force has published a sleek video that portrays a fictitious air raid targeting a suspected US military facility, with some of the footage apparently lifted from Hollywood action films.

The video, released on Saturday by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, shows nuclear-capable H-6 bombers carrying out a simulated attack on what appears to be Andersen Air Force Base on the US Pacific island of Guam.

Around halfway through the clip, a Chinese pilot presses a button, launching a missile at an unidentified seaside target which closely resembles satellite imagery of the US military facility.

Titled, “The god of war H-6K goes on the attack!”, the two-minute and 19-second video is set to dramatic music and features slow-motion explosions reminiscent of Hollywood action films. In fact, the video appears to use several clips from popular blockbusters.

A brief clip showing a missile speeding toward its presumptive US target matches an opening scene in ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,’ while the resulting explosion was taken from the 1996 movie ‘The Rock,’ starring Nicholas Cage.

The provocative video comes amid an escalating military standoff between Washington and Beijing in the South China Sea and the surrounding region.

China recently held drills in response to senior US officials holding high-level talks with the Taiwanese government in Taipei. China’s defense ministry said last week that Washington and Taipei were guilty of “collusion” and “frequently creating disturbances” in the region. Beijing warned against trying to use Taiwan to “control China,” cautioning that “those who play with fire will get burnt.”

I will tell you this:

The Rock is an amazing film.

They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

If only the World War will be that kind of an action packed thrill ride.