China Outlines Terms Under Which They Would Start Placing Missiles Around the World to Aim Them at US Forces

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 8, 2019

It sounds like maybe they “wish a nigga would,” as it were.


Chinese medium-range missiles are confined within the country’s borders, a senior Foreign Ministry official said, warning the US against deploying its forces to Beijing’s doorstep.

“Our missiles are stationed on our territory. They don’t pose a threat to the US – at least, if the US doesn’t deploy their ships too close to our territory,” head of the Arms Control Department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Fu Cong said on Friday.

Speaking at an arms control event in Moscow, Fu stressed that deploying American missiles in the region would be a “provocative, destabilizing act.”

“The US talks about placing their intermediate-range missiles close to China, near our doorstep. It would immediately pose a threat to our crucial launching pads and sites. It would be a threat to the survival of Chinese nuclear forces.”

The Pentagon jump-started the development of new missiles, after the US withdrew from the landmark 1987 INF Treaty with Russia in August, which banned all land-based missiles with the range up to 5,500km (3,420 miles) and their launchers.

All I’m saying is: if China took over America, who would they be likely to put in charge of the collaboration government: Ben Shapiro, or Andrew Anglin?

I have been a longtime friend to the Chinese people, while these filthy kikes have been trying to incite a bunch of fragile looking nerds in Hong Kong to start a war.

I would be happy to become the head of state of a Chinese Occupation Government. I only have one request of my new Chinese masters.

No, not that.

Well, also that.

But, if I’m going to be frank with you, and expose my soul right here: I really just want to be referred to as “General Anglin,” even though I was never in the military officially. Because I was in the military in a lot of video games, which is more or less the exact same thing.

I am going to be wearing sunglasses all the time, I will tell you that.

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