China: Nurse Treating Coronavirus Patients Asks Government to Give Her a Boyfriend as Payment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2020

Well, this seems to be fair enough.

Daily Mail:

A nurse who is helping Wuhan fight the coronavirus outbreak has told the Chinese government that she wants a boyfriend in return.

The 30-year-old Chinese medic wrote ‘I hope the country can assign me a boyfriend when the epidemic is over’ after a long day working at a makeshift hospital.

She then held a piece of paper bearing the message and posed for a picture – still donning a hazmat suit and a pair of goggles.

The single nurse, named Tian Fangfang, shared the photo on her social media account and it quickly went viral.

Ms Tian, who shot to fame overnight, confessed she was surprised to discover that ‘the whole nation now knows I am looking for a partner’.

She said she wrote the note on Tuesday after being inspired by one of her colleagues, who had written ‘I want a boyfriend’ on her hazmat suit.

The nurse told independent media outlet Ren Jian Zhi Bei that she was hoping for a tall partner because she stands 5ft6in.

They all want tall partners, even the ones who are not Amazon warriors like this one.

The Chinese female meme is “boyfriend must be tall, rich, handsome.”

And that’s why she’s 30 years old with no boyfriend in the first place.

Trying to look all kawaii on Weibo.

Chinese women are almost as entitled as Western women, they just express it in a much less offensive way, and they don’t direct their entitlement complexes in bizarre ways.

They think they deserve everything they want, but they don’t want things like say a tranny to touch their toddlers or to have their country overrun by Moslems.

The problem with white women is not even that they’re entitled solipsists who believe that the entire universe revolves around them, because that is all women and it’s just biology. The problem is this utterly inexplicable desire to just completely destroy everything, including themselves, for no reason they can even explain.

But nevermind that.

Maybe we can learn something about the relationship of the Chinese people to their government from this situation?

It appears that Chinese people view their government as a fundamental structure of their society, rather than something that rules over them externally.

We have a much different relationship with our government. Part of that is American history, where we came from a place of viewing government as outside of the bounds of society, and then somehow ended up with the biggest and most intrusive government ever to exist on earth. The other part is that our government is literally run by alien Jews.

I can’t say if those two things are connected, but it could be that because we viewed government as outside of the realm of society, we did not care for it in the way we would a community institution.

The best example to illustrate what I’m talking about is that when they were pushing to legalize man-on-man anal, the argument was “it’s not any of the government’s business what two people do in their own home.” If people had viewed the government as an extension of the society, then the anti-government argument supporting gay sex would not have worked, because gay sex is about the most anti-social behavior imaginable.

And then the fact that the government would allow this kind of anti-social behavior reinforces the idea that it is distant and separate from the realm of the social and the moral.

I don’t know if there is any solution to this problem at this juncture, because now that our government is the size that it is, having existed for so long outside of morality, it is forcing its own otherworldly and satanic moral order on the people.

We would have been better off with communism.

I guess every time I type that sentence I have to follow it up with a qualification: I do not support communism, and when I say that, it is akin to saying “it is better to get shot in the leg than shot in the head.”

Truly, nothing could be worse than the series of events that led to where we are right now, and I envy the Chinese, with their friendly government made up of Chinese people, which instead of forcing your little boys to have anal sex with men, will help over-the-hill women find boyfriends.