China Now has No New Cases of Coronavirus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2020

People have given me shit for saying that this virus would be cleared up by spring.

However, I made that statement while not knowing that the whole world would allow it to spread out of control. I was talking about China.

And I was right about that. China fixed the problem, and by spring, there will be no more problems in China.

The fact that the US and Europe allowed planes from China to fly into the US after China had begun their quarantine is simply incomprehensible. If we would have stopped flights and simply let China deal with it, this would now be officially over.


Mainland China has had no new local coronavirus infections over the past 24 hours – the first time since the outbreak began in December. Beijing is still struggling to contain imported cases of the disease.

Notably, the purported epicenter of the epidemic – Wuhan, in Hubei province – recorded no new locally-transmitted infections. The same was true across China, according to reports, citing the Chinese government.

Health authorities reported 34 new cases on Thursday, but said that all involved people who had come to China from abroad. Twenty-one of the imported infections were in Beijing, marking a daily record for the Chinese capital.

In total, confirmed cases in mainland China have reached 80,928, according to the latest data, with 3,245 deaths as of the end of Wednesday.

The number of deaths in Europe from the virus surpassed those in Asia on Wednesday, raising concerns that Covid-19 could lead to a long-term health crisis for the West.

There is still a good possibility that the virus crisis will be cleared up in the West by spring time. This virus won’t live in warm weather, which is why it isn’t in Southeast Asia and Africa.

The question is now just whether or not the economies of the West will be able to recover, and it is looking like no, they won’t.

I’m starting to think that Trump was right to just pretend it wasn’t happening and let some old people die. There isn’t evidence that this virus could ever lead to mass death.

Of course, the first measure should have been to shut down the borders, but after that opportunity was missed, simply letting it run its course may well have been the best move.

We have 7 billion people on earth. So 100,000 or so people dying just wouldn’t have been that big of a deal.

I’m going back and forth on the issue. But what we can agree on is that doing nothing at all, not even closing the border with China, and then going completely nuts, and shutting down the entire country, was the worst possible series of decisions that could have been made.

And I’m really not at all happy about how it has affected my life.

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