China Notes That Transfer of Power in Afghanistan was Smoother Than in United States

Chinese people are noting that the transfer of power in Afghanistan was smoother than the transfer of power in the United States.

This is just a stone cold fact of reality.

Whereas there was an election hoax in the United States, and many big problems surrounding it, the Taliban just peacefully rolled into Kabul, and the “President” of the “Afghan Government” peacefully fled to his home nation of Tajikistan.

No one in the country was rustled, other than the sluts and other sinners who know they’re going to be hunted down and their families killed.

Look at them running!

Run, faggots, run!

Them bois marched peacefully into a Presidential Palace for a peaceful press conference.

The prisons were emptied, Bane style.

Very, very bad optics for an empire in aggressive decline.

Full and unconditional surrender by the entire ZOG apparatus.

Ben Shapiro, the little Jew rat, is out there agreeing with Nancy Pelosi on CIA talking points but saying she’s not doing enough to support the CIA agenda.

All of the shills are united, screaming about the poor sluts!

Yeah, what do we have to fear, I wonder?

It’s a real tough question.

Let me think about that, and I’ll get back to you, buddy.

Anyway… Joe Biden claimed this was impossible!

The entire intelligence establishment claimed there would be three months of fighting to take Kabul. Instead, it was a peaceful march that took less than 24 hours.

Even I was sitting here saying “surely, they can’t just march right in…?”

But they did!

We even got our glorious Saigon evacuation scene.

The big question I have is whether these people actually thought that or if they just said that.

Maybe that information will leak out, but it probably won’t. My thinking is that they had no idea what was going to happen. My thinking is that the overlords now controlling the entire planet with tyrannical force are actually a bunch of bumbling morons.

This is a much, much worse defeat than Vietnam.

This is the single biggest disaster in the entire history of the American Empire.

But you have to ask: why on earth did Joe Biden allow this to happen?

What is the plan for all of these resources that were being squandered in Afghanistan for no clear reason?

Are they going to start a war with Russia? China?

Or are they going to invade the United States?

They’re going to do something, or else there is no way on earth they would have allowed this brutal and humiliating spectacle to take place.

So be warned: something is coming next.

Something very, very bad.

They didn’t do this for no reason.

But, today – the war is finally over.