China Mocks US for Not Standing with Antifa in America Like They Stood with Antifa in Hong Kong

The Attorney General announced that antifa is behind these ongoing riots in America. Mostly, the Trump Administration has been condemning people setting fires and rioting.

However, this administration has been extremely supportive of antifa in Hong Kong starting fires and rioting.

China’s English language state media has published a pretty funny op-ed pointing out the absurdity of this dichotomy.

Hu Xijin writes for the Global Times:

Hong Kong’s rioters and police should carefully watch how the “democratic US” deals with the chaos in Minnesota.

After the tragic death of African-American George Floyd following violent police treatment, enraged protesters in Minneapolis rushed to the city’s police building, where a fire later broke out. US President Donald Trump then began to feel uneasy. He sent out a tweet early Friday morning (US time), saying, “I can’t stand back & watch this happen.” He instructed Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to “get his act together and bring the city under control,” saying the alternative was that he would send in the National Guard and “get the job done right.”

“When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” Trump said. He said he had spoken to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and told him “the military is with him all the way.”

I sent out a tweet on Friday: “Secretary Pompeo, please stand with the angry people of Minneapolis, just like you did with the people of Hong Kong.”

US political elites seem to be fierce in all directions. They directly applauded Hong Kong’s riots, calling them a “beautiful sight” of democracy. The chaos in Hong Kong has lasted for over a year and military forces have not been dispatched. Yet after only three days of chaos in Minnesota, Trump publicly threatened the use of firepower and implied military forces could be utilized.

That is the state of US inequality and another example of the country’s double standards. Well, America, what should I say?

Yeah, I think the point is well taken.

At least the blacks are rioting for a reason, even if it is a stupid reason. The Hong Kong rioters don’t even have a stated reason for rioting. They are just open shills for a foreign government.

Imagine if the rioters rioting across America were holding Chinese flags as the rioters in Hong Kong are holding American flags.

The point is: being the global morality police is gay as hell and it’s dumb.

Mike Pompeo cannot have morality. He is too fat. But even if he did, he should be running a charity and not the US State Department if he wants to express his morality professionally. Foreign policy is not the place to try to push a morality agenda.

Moreover, the US government is no longer in a position to talk about freedoms, at all. The US government has all of us locked up in our houses and they’ve decided we can no longer even practice our religion. No government should be a morality police, but the US government doing “we demand freedom the world over” is offensively stupid. I am deeply insulted that Mike Pompeo thinks I would believe this.