China Meets with Russia and North Korea, Strengthens Bonds

This comes after the disastrous meeting China had with the new fake government of the United States, wherein the new Jew fake Secretary of State demanded full control over Chinese domestic policy.


The foreign ministers of China and Russia affirmed their countries’ close ties at a meeting Tuesday, amid intense criticism and new Western sanctions against them over human rights.

Wang Yi and Sergei Lavrov rejected outside sniping at their authoritarian political systems and said they were working to further global progress on issues from climate change to the coronavirus pandemic.

At their initial meeting in the southern Chinese city of Nanning on Monday, Wang and Lavrov accused the U.S. of interference in other countries’ affairs and urged it to rejoin the Iran nuclear agreement, something that President Joe Biden’s new administration has approached cautiously. Russia and China both maintain close relations with Tehran, with which they share a firm approach against any political opposition.

The two officials continued that rhetoric at a news conference on Tuesday, where Wang sharply criticized coordinated sanctions brought by the European Union, Britain, Canada and the United States against Chinese officials over human rights abuses in China’s far western Xinjiang region.

“Countries should stand together to oppose all forms of unilateral sanctions,” Wang said. “These measures will not be embraced by the international community.”

Lavrov said sanctions were drawing Russia and China closer together and accused the West of “imposing their own rules on everyone else, which they believe should underpin the world order.”

“If Europe broke these relations, simply destroying all the mechanisms that have been created for many years … then, probably, objectively, this leads to the fact that our relations with China are developing faster than what’s left of relations with European countries,” Lavrov said.

In a joint statement issued after the meeting, the two ministers said no country should seek to impose its form of democracy on any other.

Interference in a sovereign nation’s internal affairs under the excuse of ‘advancing democracy’ is unacceptable,” the statement said.

It is clearly unacceptable, but it has been the policy of the United States since the end of World War II. It hasn’t really worked out for most countries that have been bullied into it.

The Middle Eastern countries who got bombed into democracy are the most obvious examples of “bad outcomes,” but Latin America and Africa didn’t fare too well either. Frankly, Southern Europe hasn’t fared too well.

China’s also reaffirming their relationship with North Korea, which is more a symbolic statement that they remember their friends, and if the US government makes a move, they will take care of their friends.


The leaders of China and North Korea are reaffirming their traditional alliance following contentious talks between top diplomats from Washington and Beijing and diplomatic isolation and economic problems in the North that have left it ever-more dependent on the Chinese.

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency said Tuesday that leader Kim Jong Un called for stronger “unity and cooperation” with China in the face of challenges posed by “hostile forces” while exchanging messages with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

According to KCNA and China’s Xinhua news agency, Xi in his own message to Kim described bilateral relations as a “valuable asset” to both countries and vowed to make unspecified contributions to the peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.

KCNA said Xi also expressed a commitment to “provide the peoples of the two countries with better life.” Some analysts saw this as an indication that China would soon provide North Korea with badly needed food, fertilizer and other aid that had been significantly reduced amid the pandemic border closures.


This fake pandemic gave China a bunch of cards too. Not as many cards as it gave the Western powers that created it, but they are rolling with the punches in an intelligent way.

It’s being increasingly possible that the United States does not in fact have the capacity to fight a war against both China and Russia, while also managing to somehow manage the domestic situation they’ve created.

None of this is planned well, and the end goals of the Western masterminds are frankly just very weird. If you look into transhumanism, which is the religion of Silicon Valley, and of people like Klaus Schwab, they believe they are going to use technology to become immortal gods who will conquer outer space.

That isn’t some theory. Just do a few quick Google searches. Schwab has written a book about it, and everyone in Silicon Valley attends these various meetings. Julian Assange is the first person I ever heard refer to it as “the religion of the elite.”

They seem to be just as insane as the rest of the population.

The Chinese on the other hand are just slightly goofy autistics. But they have high intelligence, and they are very intent on protecting themselves from this threat.