China is the Only Major Country That Experienced Growth in 2020

The only thing that didn’t experience growth in China in 2020 were the waistlines of their women

As it turns out, it’s really profitable to not hoax your population with a flu mania, lock them in their houses, and shut down your entire economy.

The Hill:

China’s economy increased by about 2 percent in 2020, becoming one of the only major countries to report such a growth in the midst of an economically devastating pandemic.

Economic activity in China shrunk by nearly 7 percent in the first quarter of last year, the Associated Press reports. However, the government’s decision to swiftly shut down most of its economy appeared to have allowed the country to reopen businesses earlier than others.

However, the AP reported that 2020 was still the worst year in terms of growth for China since the 1990’s when the country faced international isolation following the Tiananmen Square democracy movement.

Iris Pang, chief ING economist for the China region, told the AP that “it is too early to conclude that this is a full recovery,” despite the relatively positive growth the country saw.

“External demand has not yet fully recovered. This is a big hurdle,” added Pang.

The media hasn’t made it exactly clear, but let me make it clear: China never did the kind of “lockdowns” that we saw and are still seeing in the West. Instead, they just told people to wear masks if they were feeling sick.

Then they “beat” coronavirus by stopping the tests. That’s how you beat the virus: you stop testing for it.

We know as a matter of fact that more people are not dying than before the coronavirus; this was admitted by a Johns Hopkins University publication.

Madam Birx herself has admitted that anyone who tests positive for coronavirus is labeled a coronavirus death, so all kinds of people dying from car crashes, heart attacks and other obesity-related diseases, and just whatever, are labeled coronavirus deaths.

That is the reason for these massive, stupid numbers the media keeps announcing.

If you were to simply stop testing for the virus, no one would know it existed. Any legitimate “coronavirus death” would just be labeled a flu death, as they were for years and decades before 2020.

This is all just stupid and insane, and the scariest thing about it is that the US is allowing an enemy country to grow while it collapses.

What is their plan?

Are they planning a war with China?

If they weren’t, then why would they do all of these weird actions that benefit their enemy?