China is Pissed Off, Talking Big Ninja Shit to Western Interlopers

China is usually always polite and talks about “maintaining global relational norms” and so on.

Now they’re talking about poking people’s eyes out.

They were always eventually going to get pissed off and go into ninja mode at some point.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry has hit back at the Five Eyes alliance and warned it not to interfere in China’s internal politics, after the intelligence coalition urged Beijing to reconsider its actions in Hong Kong.

Speaking at a daily media briefing on Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian expressed his strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to the Five Eyes countries for their flagrant violations of international law and basic norms of international relations following comments made by the Western allies on Wednesday.

“Whether they have five eyes or ten eyes, as long as they dare to harm China’s sovereignty, security, and development interests, they must be careful not to get their eyes poked out.”

Zhao’s rebuttal concerned joint remarks made by the Five Eyes alliance, which is comprised of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

A statement on Wednesday by the intelligence alliance said: “We urge the Chinese central authorities to re-consider their actions against Hong Kong’s elected legislature and immediately reinstate the Legislative Council members.”

The spokesman warned the alliance not to “make irresponsible remarks on Hong Kong affairs, which are China’s internal interests,” and reiterated that the former British colony “is an inseparable part of China.”

“It is only natural and righteous for those who love the country and Hong Kong to rule Hong Kong, and those who oppose China to create chaos in Hong Kong.”

The idea that any single bureaucrat is sitting up at night worrying that the people in Hong Kong aren’t having enough man-on-man anal is not believable, really. That is their claim here – they just really feel sad that not enough anal ramming is happening in the Chinese city of Hong Kong, and they want the government to make more of it possible.

Even if you believe it is normal to bully other countries over their domestic policy (it isn’t normal, only Jewish-controlled countries do this), just try to imagine those five countries, which have destroyed the most basic freedoms with this lockdown, telling anyone to care about freedoms.

The worst nightmare version of Chinese oppression doesn’t come even a little bit close to the Western coronavirus restrictions. And they can say, “oh but we did that because of a virus” – well, do you think China doesn’t have plausible-sounding reasons for their alleged infringements on freedoms? Come on. This is insane.

But even if these bureaucrats legitimately are worried about Hong Kong – what does that have to do with the wellbeing of anyone in the countries they serve? How is it their business what goes on in Hong Kong?

This is obviously just normal New World Order bullying. They want to destabilize China in order to get them on-board with the NWO program. China puts zero stock in this concern troll bullshit and just says it like it is.

China issued a separate statement directly to Australia this week, telling them if they want a fight they’ve got one.

Sydney Morning Herald:

Beijing has issued an extraordinary attack on the Australian government, accusing it of “poisoning bilateral relations” in a deliberately leaked document that threatens to escalate tensions between the two countries.

The government document goes further than any public statements made by the Chinese Communist Party, accusing the Morrison government of attempting “to torpedo” Victoria’s Belt and Road deal, and blaming Canberra for “unfriendly or antagonistic” reports on China by independent Australian media.

“China is angry. If you make China the enemy, China will be the enemy,” a Chinese government official said in a briefing with a reporter in Canberra on Tuesday.

Chinese appear to be going into full ninja mode, and it seems like this should be a reason to stand back and not start a war that you can’t finish.

But they might want a war.

They certainly can’t do their “Great Reset” with China refusing to get on-board.