China is LITERALLY Exterminating Moslems – Jew Media Isn’t Bothered

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 29, 2018

Asians exterminating Moslems is not really even news. This is pretty much the state policy of every Asian country.

What is interesting is the amount of shilling that goes on for China by the Jewish media. They tried to get Trump to sanction Myanmar for rightfully death-marching Moslems into a swamp – it was this huge crusade – but they are virtually totally silent about openly admitting they are forcing Moslems into camps and taking their children away.

In fact, they are attacking Trump for simply equalizing a trade deficit with China.

ABC News:

As reports of the forced detention and brainwashing of up to one million ethnic Uighurs continue to emerge from China’s Xinjiang autonomous region, the ABC has heard a rare account from a witness who has been inside a camp.

Tarim, whose second name we have withheld, bribed his way into one of the “training” centres reserved for the Muslim minority, to see his sister, who was detained in 2016.

She is being held in the facility outside Aksu City, in western Xinjiang (also known as Turkistan), which Tarim described as a “concentration camp”.

“It was April and there was snow in some parts, and I saw about 500 persons on the concrete, on the ground,” he told PM in his native language, through a translator in Sydney.

“And also there were about 700 or so people … in the queue to get food, and at the same time they were singing patriotic songs: I love Communist Party, I love Xi Jinping.”

Tarim, who fled to Turkey to avoid arrest after his visit, said his sister was crying, had lost weight, and was too afraid to speak freely.

“I asked her how she was, and she said, ‘good’, but I could feel that she was in fear from her face, and she was actually shaking and she was looking around,” he said.

“She said they were attending classes, but from her situation, it was clear that she was in a state of fear.”

Tarim estimated there were thousands of Uighurs in Aksu City’s facility alone, separated into male and female quarters.

I think it’s cool that China is doing this.

But the double-standards of the media and Jews in government between China and Myanmar are astonishing. Not actually astonishing. But they do plainly demonstrate that these people do not actually care about “human rights.”

Furthermore, they have no interest in the idea that China is interfering in elections… because they are doing it in favor of Democrats, allegedly.

The point is, these people do not actually believe in anything. So when you have honest people on the other side, trying to promote “principles,” you have an unwinnable situation.

The whole values and principles thing needs to be dismissed by the right. We need to start full scorched earth behaviors.

We need martial law in America.