China is Going to Bury the United States in This New World

I now believe that there is no way to deny that the US Government has staged this lockdown in order to strip people of their rights, collapse the economy and create a permanent police state where people are broke and living in a state of fear and chaos.

Although it is easy to see why the Jews that run our government would want to create such a situation, the reason I was having a hard time accepting it is that the dynamics of this mean that China is going to be the dominant global power going forward. They did not do an insane lockdown. They locked down one city and told everyone else to wear masks and stay home if they were sick. So their economy is going to be fine, and they are going to easily overtake the US as world leader.

But the US has done this on purpose, and what that indicates is that the US is planning to have a war with China in the very immediate future. Like, before the election.

Remember: all they have to do is sink a boat.

William Pesek writes for Forbes:

Ten years from now, when economists mull the exact moment the U.S. ceded the future to China this week’s events are sure to top the list of time-stamp candidates.

This was the week, after all, when Chinese President Xi Jinping tossed another 4 trillion yuan, or $565 billion, at an economy taking devastating coronavirus blows. The 4 trillion-yuan figure will sound familiar to students of 2008 and 2009, back when Beijing threw exactly that amount at plunging demand amid the “Lehman stock.”

It worked back then. China recovered rapidly from Wall Street’s crash thanks to aggressive infrastructure spending. By 2009, China was growing 8.7% again thanks to giant public works projects—six-lane highways, bridges, ports, new skyscraper-strewn commercial centers.

Now, as Xi’s Communist Party pulls a similar play, it’s hard not to lament this week’s missteps in Mitch McConnell’s Washington.

Within the same 24 hours during which Xi’s announced a nearly $600 billion plan to build even more airports, railways and power grids, Senate Majority Leader McConnell gave the thumbs down to comparable upgrades to America’s economic hardware. “Infrastructure is unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic that we’re all experiencing and trying to figure out how to go forward,” McConnell said.

Imagine that these people are still talking about the virus, while looking at graphs like this:

Then try to think of any reason they would be doing that other than that they want this economy as destroyed as it possibly can be.

If you sit until you think of any other possible explanation, you’re going to be sitting a very long time.

This is on purpose. They are doing this on purpose.

I am unable to believe that part of this insane agenda is to turn over total control of the planet to the Chinese, so the only thing that makes any sense at all is that they’re planning a war.

So, get ready for that, I guess.