China is Blurring Western Degeneracy Symbols on Live TV

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2018

While the West does everything in its power to pervert itself further, China is cleaning up its culture.


Chinese TV personality Jing Boran has something on his ear that authorities don’t want you to see.

In the latest episode of the popular Chinese reality TV show “I, Actor,” the young star’s face is digitally altered to blur out his earrings.

Jing, who held lead roles in Chinese box office hits “Monster Hunt” and “Time Raiders,” is not the only victim of the alleged “earring ban.” Images circulating on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, show several other young male stars with blurred circles on their ears.

It’s unclear if Chinese regulators have issued a specific directive barring men from being shown wearing earrings, or whether TV stations are reacting to a shift in what is considered culturally appropriate.

It’s quite telling about the hand-rubbing levels we suffer from in the West, isn’t it? One goes towards corruption and rottenness, the other towards purity and virtue.

Seeing them protect their culture and their own ideas about what their culture should be is inspiring. What they’re rejecting isn’t really Western degeneracy but kikeness. Our culture has been kiked. We, too, have to reject kikeness.

We have to reject the niggerification of our society, just as they have.

Last year, China’s media regulator banned TV stations from featuring actors with tattoos. Depictions of “hip hop culture, sub-culture and immoral culture,” were also banned according to Chinese state media.

Grace Leung, a professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s School of Journalism and Communications, said the decision to blur earrings is likely influenced by the government’s desire to minimize Western impact in China’s pop culture.

This is a consistent policy of purify their pop culture from the Western influence and strengthening the Chinese characteristics of manhood,” Leung, who teaches media regulation and policy issues, told CNN in an email.

China is still a strong patriarchal society which have a distinctive male and female hierarchy in many local communities,” said Leung, the professor.

Seeing men wearing earrings, in many traditional men’s point of view, is a deteriorating of their social status and respect.”

The country’s censors have also been quick to black out content on LGBT issues. Guidelines released in China in 2016 characterized homosexuality as an “abnormal sexual behavior” unfit for Chinese television, alongside incest, sexual abuse and “perversion.”

China is beginning to surpass the West in both technological feats and culture. The dragon does breathe fire and the fire is burning every obstacle in its path. They’re rejecting weakness, and moving forward as a people.

We should follow suit.

We have to reject the menial temptations put forth by the Synagogue of Satan. Whatever gratification derived from falling for them is short-lived by design. The hedonistic lifestyle presented by the mainstream won’t ever satisfy you. Physical pleasure for the sake of physical pleasure is not going to satisfy your soul.

Nothing short of fighting the parasites that feed on us will satisfy you.

If you don’t fight it, you’re already enslaved.


Save your soul.