China Investigates Virus, Finds That the United States has 4000 Times the Infection Rate

Many wonder why the Chinese have embraced the coronavirus hoax.

The short answer is that they haven’t. The longer answer is that they do not want to interrupt the West in the middle of this project to collapse their own society, so they are pretending to go along with it.

They generally avoid mass-testing, but when they do the testing, they use a very low PCR cycle, assuring that only those currently infected with a cold (real coronavirus) will test positive.

These tests prove that they have been successful in virtually eradicating the virus, and they then go on to keep businesses open.


The city of Wuhan has tested virtually every resident, except for children under six and those on vacation, in a sweeping effort to prevent a new Covid-19 outbreak in the metropolis where the pandemic is believed to have started.

Mass testing in the capital of Hubei province was launched on Tuesday, after authorities discovered a handful of locally transmitted cases, marking the first time that Covid-19 infection has been registered in the city since June 2020.

With an army of 28,000 medical staff mobilized to test 11.28 million residents at over 2,800 sampling sites set up across the city, the sweeping campaign was “basically” finished by Saturday, deputy secretary-general of the Wuhan municipal government, Li Tao, announced on Sunday.

A total of 78 people tested positive for Covid-19 – including 41 locally transmitted asymptomatic cases, authorities said. Moreover, most of these infections were among those already quarantined after previous contacts with the infected. Only nine cases were discovered during the screening of residential blocks, and even those were reportedly isolated within their sealed-off residential communities, Xinhua reported.

Overall across China, authorities reported only 125 new cases on August 8, with most clusters caused by the Delta variant of Covid-19. In total over the course of the pandemic, China – which does not classify asymptomatic carriers as ‘confirmed cases’ – officially acknowledged only 93,826 infections and 4,636 deaths.

That’s 125 cases in a day, compared to the 100,000 cases a day the United States is claiming to have. If you want to consider that China does not believe in the much-vaunted “asymptomatic case,” then also note that this infection rate exists alongside under 5,000 deaths compared with the supposed 600,000 of the US.

China has over four times the population of the United States, which means that per capita, China is reporting 1/4000th of the cases the US is reporting.

It should also be noted that Chinamen get a sick pleasure living virtually on top of each other. There is a hive mind among the Asians, and their preferred human density is beyond what the most domesticated white urbanite would be capable of tolerating.

It’s quite possible that the morphic field of a Chinaman begins to decay if it is not bolstered by being crowded together with his racial kinsmen. His thoughts may begin to wander towards loneliness, personal obliteration, and death and murder if he is not surrounded on all sides by his equals, always reminded that he is of the hive and he therefore is the hive.

Moreover, China never went into the aggressive sort of lockdowns that the West has advertised as a necessary solution to the spread of the supposed coronavirus. To this day, the closest they’ve ever come to “lockdown” is telling people to wear masks and go home after work. They have never even shut down crowded mass transit on any scale.

Given all factors, the current situation is on its face impossible, based on all available data about the virus from the official sources. However, most people will not do this math, and will simply glance at the headlines and see that China is doing something or other with the coronavirus.

The only people who will do the math are people like yours truly, who are totally banned from the internet, or people working in the media or other branches of the Hoax Industrial Complex, who will cover up this massive and totally unbelievable disparity with a hand wave and some rapidly spewed techno-gibberish.

However, if China was reporting zero cases, that might lead the masses of morons to ask questions about this hoax.

I am not privy to high level discussions among Chinese Communist Party bigwigs. But it doesn’t take much to ascertain that they believe that the Jews running the Western world have gone off the rails, and are engaged in a project of completely destroying the White Nations they inhabit. I’m fully certain that the yellow men in dark suits were fully baffled by this, in the same way that you would be baffled if you were involved in a to-the-death bare-knuckles boxing match with an opponent you were less than certain you had any chance of beating, and after a rough first round, your opponent began by doing a strange dance and then pulling out his own eyeballs.

In such a bizarre situation, you would be confused beyond belief, but the one thing you would not do would be to run over and try to push his eyeballs back into his sockets. Nor, in my mind, would you rush over to finish him off. You would instead try to look inconspicuous, as the crowd focused on the lunatic, who was now blindly punching himself in his own face.

That is basically what has gone down here. There was a match-up forming between Emperor Xi Jinping and the assorted fiends of the Western Anglo-Hebrew order, and when the virus mania emerged, the West began a strict and insane program of attacking itself.

The Sino people have difficulty understanding the white man at the best of times, and under the most normal circumstances. Anything beyond the shared mammalian instincts of food, sex and material wealth leave both sides of the East-West gap scratching their heads.

No doubt the Chinese wondered and continue to wonder if this self-immolation the West is engaged in is not some sort of complex fakeout. But ever the autistic number-crunchers, the Chinese have surely reached the conclusion that there is no scenario in which a total collapse of the Western social, political and economic order does not put them in a better position than they were before in terms of the East-West conflict.

What’s more, going along with the virus hoax, as long as it doesn’t interfere with business, is nothing to the Chinese people. They are fundamentally neurotic, as a result of thousands of years of prizing neuroticism in sexual selection, and they take a sort of pleasure in a good neurotic freakout. The white man’s virus hoax might not have been something they’d have chosen on their own, but while it is here, there is no reason not to make a national cause of it.

Give the masses a placebo injection, and tell them China is beating the white man in the battle against the invisible enemy. China would be doing that, of course, because as is common knowledge, China #1.

So, they’re letting it ride, and making a show of playing along, so as not to make it more difficult for the Laowai to destroy themselves.

Hence, you have these random, heavily-publicized incidents of the Chinese investigating the virus situation, and coming up largely empty-handed.