China: Hong Kong Terrorists Chant “We are British” and Ask for UK Passports

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 25, 2019

Getting these traitors the hell out of China might be the solution we’ve all been looking for.

I think the UK should give them passports. And China should revoke their Chinese passports when they exit the country. And they should never be allowed back in.

Everyone is happy.

Daily Mail:

Hundreds of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters formed a human chain at the British Consulate in the city overnight to rally support for their cause from the city’s former colonial ruler.

They sang ‘God Save the Queen,’ then formed a line in front of the consulate and along nearby streets, waving Union Jack flags and chanting ‘Fight for freedom, save Hong Kong’ and ‘We are British’.

The event was organised in support of a debate this afternoon in the UK’s House of Lords on whether to offer UK citizenship to Hong Kongers in light of the unrest that has gripped the city since early June.

People born in Hong Kong before July 1997, when China took back control of the city, were eligible for British National Overseas passports, which don’t provide British citizenship.

UK ruled Hong Kong for more than 150 years after China’s imperial Qing Dynasty gave the Hong Kong Island to Britain in 1842 to end a war between the two.

Protesters at yesterday’s event said they were neither separatists nor wanted to abandon Hong Kong. But they said they were unhappy with how the city had changed since Britain ceded power to Beijing.

More than 170 Parliamentarians will urge the UK government to back the protests in the former colony and potentially provide citizenship for its residents should the situation deteriorate.

The issue is due to be raised in the House of Lords this afternoon.

Peers will be asked to debate a motion on the ‘recent political unrest in Hong Kong and calls to offer residents of Hong Kong citizenship in another country’.

The debate has been asked for by crossbench peer Lord Alton of Liverpool but it does not propose taking any binding action and there is unlikely to be any kind of formal vote.

Johnny Patterson, Director of UK-based human rights organisation Hong Kong Watch, said the situation in the Asian financial hub ‘is on a knife-edge’. He urged the UK Government to take action to show its support.

Mr Patterson said: ‘An easy way to do this is to extend citizenship rights to Hong Kongers. Today’s debate is therefore timely and important.

‘Boris Johnson has said that he will stand with the people of Hong Kong “every inch of the way”. Now is the time for him to prove it.’

Brace for cringe impact……………

Never has there been a group of people more deserving of being run over with tanks.

Just try to imagine living in a country run by your own people.

Imagine what it would feel like, to look up at our flag and say “THAT MEANS US.”

Imagine the pride you would feel, imagine the hope for the future, imagine knowing that your children would be safe in a nation full of ONLY YOU.

Imagine all of us – millions of us, all together – marching for the emperor.

Then imagine marching through the streets and demanding to be ruled by kikes, because you want more leniency in being able to fuck each other up the ass.

And maybe you want to be allowed to kill your pregnant girlfriend or something.

Whatever these traitors want – I don’t really even know. No one does.

But just imagine it.

Then imagine that the whole world – including those on the right wing – are celebrating this.

I suppose that misery loves company.

It’s a bit like a heroin junkie talking his straight “friend” into trying the needle, isn’t it?