China: Hong Kong Adopts Anti-Mask Law to Prevent Terrorists from Hiding Identities

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 4, 2019

How will this CIA-backed mob, inspired by the sadistic homosexual Paul Joseph Watson, function without their masks?

Firstly, they are surrounded by gas.

Secondly, is it really worth having “US-backed terrorist” on your social credit score, just so you can play a little game pretending you’re a revolutionary?

China Daily:

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government on Friday announced the introduction of anti-mask law, in a bid to end the incessant violence and vandalism that has gripped the city for nearly four months.

The new anti-mask law bans protesters from wearing masks to conceal their identities.

The legislation, introduced by invoking the Emergency Regulations Ordinance, will take effect by midnight of Friday. The announcement came after a special meeting of the city’s leader’s top advisers, the Executive Council, held on Friday on the legislation.

The much-anticipated legislation has been proposed by many sectors of the community earlier after the city was battered by black-clad masked mobs since early June.

On Thursday, a cross-sector group established by civic leaders called for anti-mask legislation in Hong Kong. The call came two days after escalating violence plunged many parts of the city into chaos on Tuesday — National Day.

Similar laws have also been introduced in many foreign countries and regions, including Canada, France, Sweden, Russia, Germany and many states of the United States.

Yes, of course other nations have done this, and other nations have done it much sooner after riots began.

But I’m sure it’s communism and a dictatorship when the Chinese do it, somehow.

I’m sure that Emmanuel Macron will come out and talk about how awful and evil it is, even whilst he just permanently maims protesters using brutal force.

Ah well.

China maybe has stopped caring about what the West thinks.

Xi has stopped dressing like the West wants him to dress and this fills me with joyousness.