China: Hardcore Dude Breaks Into Tiger Pen to Mock Tigers

This is super hardcore.


Police in China detained a 56-year-old man for entering a zoo enclosure at the Beijing Wildlife Park that is home to 11 white tigers.

The visitor, surnamed Jiang, who was not injured in the incident, is under investigation for “seriously damaging public order”, the Beijing police said on Weibo.

According to the park, the man suddenly left his car last weekend and sprinted towards the enclosure and stood in the ditch that separates the tigers from the general public, despite the warning from the park’s patrolling staff.

At one point, the man stood about a metre away from five adult tigers, and even verbally provoked them.
The workers demanded that Jiang remain still while throwing food at the animals to distract them, the park said on Weibo.

The tigers, tolerating the man, were later driven into their cages by the workers.

Jiang’s motivations for the risky actions are not clear yet.

Maybe he just wants to taste the wild side by living life to the fullest?