China Expels US Journalists – US Whines

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 18, 2020

The media is the most powerful weapon on earth. It is leagues beyond the most powerful atomic weapon. It is capable not only of destroying a people, but of convincing a people to destroy themselves.

The United States has declared that it is a “human right” for them to use this weapon on the entire world. They go around talking about a “free media,” and what they are actually talking about is allowing Western journalists – or journalists they fund and control – to come into your country and manipulate your population using the media.

Meanwhile, at home, they work to suppress outlets like the Daily Stormer and Infowars, all right-wing tweeters and YouTubers, and anyone else who does not go along with their narrative – by accusing you of working for foreign media!

Which is insane on both levels, obviously: they support foreign media when they are the foreigners, but don’t even support their own domestic media when it disagrees with them.

They will also of course ban actual foreign media – but then say foreign countries shouldn’t ban them!

I’m not even saying this to point out the hypocrisy specifically (although that is worth noting), but to point out that they understand how powerful of a weapon this is.

The Guardian:

US media outlets have hit back at China after it said it would expel at least 13 US journalists, in an unprecedented retaliation against foreign media working in the country.

The New York Times’s executive editor said the move to force out foreign reporters was “especially irresponsible” during the coronavirus pandemic.


In fact, it was the precise opposite, as the Western media is attempting to exploit this situation – which they probably created – in order to harm China.

And before “this is foreign media in China, not foreigners running Chinese media” – the US runs all kinds of anti-PRC websites, in Chinese language, and whatever isn’t just made up outright is based on the reports of journalists who are allegedly only doing media for the US.

The newspaper’s editorial board spoke out after Beijing said it would expel US reporters working for the Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal as part of an escalating diplomatic row between Washington and Beijing, with journalists caught in the crossfire.

The newspaper’s board said China’s crackdown was “an unfortunate echo of the cold war, and it couldn’t come at a worse time. The global spread of the coronavirus demands independent and trusted information from the country where the scourge began.”

It criticised China’s claim to be responding in kind after the US tightened rules on Chinese state media – saying US publishers were not comparable to the organisations that Soviet and Chinese Communist regimes sent abroad. “It is common knowledge that their oversize staffs include spies,” it said.

The hubris is just incredible.

“Oh no well you’re different because your media has spies in it.”

What kind of person believes this nonsense?

The entire Western media is filled with spies. People in the media move freely in and out of intelligence groups. Fusion GPS, the organization that created the Pissgate dossier, was founded and run by former Wall Street Journal journalists!

And this claim that “the US media is not controlled by the government” – please excuse me while I make a jerk-off hand motion.

The media is absolutely and incontrovertibly an arm of the entrenched bureaucracy of the US government. Again, all you have to do is look at the way they were so deeply involved in the entire Russia hoax. Or basically, look at anything else they ever say at all.

In fact, it’s charitable to say they’re an arm of the US government, as they are all foreign Jews.

The media is also the key force in lobbying to shut down any form of independent media. Both myself and Alex Jones were targeted directly by the media when they worked to shut us down. They were the singular force behind this program, as they pretended there was some sort of popular support for silencing anyone who disagrees with the government. And of course, the government was complicit in that they did nothing to stop them from engaging in a campaign to mass censor opposition to the government.

And who did they blame the Chinese decision to get these spies out of their country on?

The top Russian agent, of course – Donald Trump!

The board pointedly noted China’s dislike of unfavourable reporting, saying: “The Chinese Communist party is not the first authoritarian regime to adopt President Trump’s characterisation of the press.”

According to a statement from the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCCC), more journalists may be affected, depending on how broadly China enforces the ban. “Journalists illuminate the world we live in. China, through this action, is dimming itself,” it said in a statement.

Yeah, illuminate the world.

Where have I heard that before, I wonder?

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