China Did a Genocide, And Now We Got Russia Doin’ One Too, Darn It

They had to get ’em out so they could build a tacky ass casino ski resort with $1,000 rooms with shitty IKEA furniture, but there’s like, mad bitches.

We’re dealing with this genocide in China, now we got another damn one in Russia.

If we could all just come together and heal, we wouldn’t have all these enemy countries committing these secret genocides and then magically making all the evidence disappear.

The Guardian:

Russia committed a series of human rights violations during its war with Georgia in 2008, the European court of human rights ruled on Thursday, saying Moscow was responsible for the murder of Georgian civilians, and the looting and burning of their homes.

In a landmark judgment, the court said the Kremlin was guilty of unlawfully rounding up ethnic Georgians and their subsequent “inhuman and degrading treatment”. This included the torture of Georgian prisoners of war and the expulsion of Georgian villagers from their homes in South Ossetia.

If the Georgians were in Ossetia though…

I mean, with the Kosovo precedent…

Ah, but it don’t matter. I’m sure it was Russia’s fault. You know, they’re doing this stuff on Facebook…

The ruling comes 13 years after a bitter five-day August conflict between Russian forces and Georgian troops. The then Georgian government of Mikheil Saakashvili launched a doomed attempt to wrest back control of the Russian-backed breakaway territory of South Ossetia.

Russia responded with a full-scale invasion. It evicted Georgian forces, sent tanks into the country, and bombed civilian and military targets. In evidence presented to the Strasbourg court in 2018, Tbilisi accused Moscow of presiding over a “rampage” through Georgian villages inside South Ossetia and in a nearby buffer zone.

South Ossetian forces and local militia groups were responsible for many violations, including the execution of two Georgian soldiers taken prisoner and the beating to death of another, the court said. But it ruled Russia had effective control of the war zone once an EU-brokered ceasefire came into effect from 12 August 2008.

Amid international recriminations, Russia failed to investigate war crimes and systemic human rights abuses, the judges ruled. It further prevented the return of 20,000 Georgians who had previously lived inside South Ossetia, and whose villages were burned to the ground, they said. Nor did it cooperate with the proceedings, they added.

Georgia’s justice minister, Gocha Lordkipanidze, described the verdict of the court’s grand chamber as a “historic victory”. He said it upheld his country’s claim that Russian-occupied South Ossetia – or the Tskhinvali region, as he put it – was an integral part of Georgia, together with Abkhazia, another breakaway territory.

“The European court confirmed that these violations carried out by Russia amounted to ethnic cleansing of Georgians during the 2008 war,” Lordkipanidze declared.

Here’s the Georgian source, which uses the word genocide, a word The Guardian was apparently afraid to use due to the Russian control of the Western media, you know, with their hackers, they got these Facebook pictures up.

You know, I mean, they’re saying no evidence, but that’s what folks would say after they commit a genocide and then you wait 13 years to bring it up, and you don’t really have the stuff, you know, the pictures or the bodies or any kind of records or anything.

But sure, they’re gonna delete the records from their dirty servers, and you know, with a lot of these systematic genocides, they don’t even talk about it, they just use body language, they wink and nod, might even have a code where they wink and nod the number of times for the numbers they want dead.

What they’ve got is a picture of crying women.

And that sure seems like proof enough to me that tens of thousands were slaughtered and their bodies magically disappeared leaving no trace.


Zero chance Russia is giving up Ossetia and Abkhazia. This is just creating an irreparable conflict, where the initial demand is so outrageous, there is no ability for negotiations.

Seems to be the big gold shock and awe Biden foreign policy strategy. Just put out these positions that don’t provide any room for serious talks, so you can then say “talks refused, time to escalate, plus because of the genocide we must move quickly to save the alleged lives of random farm people we have no proof even exist at all.”