China Deletes Dozens of LGBTQ WeChat Accounts from University Students

I read on GETTR that it is very bad for the Chinese to censor the gays.

GETTR is the Donald Trump social media site that was created by Falun Gong to stop Donald Trump from being censored, and it is apparently big on the gays.

The Guardian:

An online clampdown of social media accounts associated with China’s campus LGBTQ movement has sparked outrage, solidarity and backlash against the authorities’ treatment of the country’s sexual and gender minorities.

Dozens of WeChat accounts run by LGBTQ university students were blocked and then deleted on Tuesday, without warning. Some of the accounts – a mix of registered student clubs and unofficial grassroots groups – had operated for years as safe spaces for China’s LGBTQ youth, with tens of thousands of followers.

Attempts to access the WeChat accounts were met with an error message which said the content had been blocked and account deactivated “after receiving relevant complaints”. Other messages said the accounts “had violated regulations on the management of accounts offering public information service on the Chinese internet”, Reuters reported.

The shutdowns have added to concern over China’s worsening intolerance for sexual and gender minorities and activism, which has also targeted feminist groups and individuals who have sought to push back against discrimination.

Tencent, the parent company of WeChat, did not explain the reasons behind the mass take-downs, and declined to comment when contacted by the Guardian.

Homosexuality in China was illegal until 1997, and classified as a mental health disorder until 2001. And while public acceptance – and commercial capitalisation – of the LGBTQ community in China has grown, authorities have not followed in step. The authorities’ slow squeeze of China’s LGBTQ community has been going on for some years – but until recently were often met with activists’ pushed-back.

In 2015, a Chinese film-maker sued state administrators in a quest to discover how and why his gay-themed documentary was removed from local streaming sites. He eventually won the case. In 2018, after outcry, social media platform Weibo reversed a controversial publishing ban that lumped homosexual content in with pornographic and violent material.

But activists said the space for activism has become visibly smaller in the last few years. In 2019, another social media platform Weibo reportedly purged all comments and posts that feature the hashtag #les, in reference to lesbians. Weibo users also reported that they were no longer able to use the rainbow flag in their bios.

By “activism” they actually mean “promoting gay anal behaviors to children.”

In New York, a spontaneous art exhibition to commemorate the deleted WeChat accounts is being planned for later this week. Organisers of the event called on participants to bring their own poems, graffiti and rainbow flags to highlight censorship.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the department was aware of the shutdowns and was concerned that China had restricted the accounts of groups which were “merely expressing their views, exercising their right to freedom of expression and freedom of speech”.

Homosexual speech does not actually pass the Miller Test, and therefore is not covered by the First Amendment in America.

Many people don’t know that. But we never allowed these faggots to run roughshod on us. The promotion of homosexuality was always considered obscenity, and not political speech.

Theoretically, you could talk about homosexual political issues under the First Amendment, but the outright promotion of man-on-boy anal which is so popular now would have been illegal all through history, for the same reason pornography is illegal: it is not political speech and it has no artistic merit.

A lot of retards on the internet – both left and right – do not know anything about how the First Amendment actually works, and therefore think that anal speech is protected speech. Again, some of it might be, but not the normal anal propaganda that we are all familiar with – that is simply obscenity, by any normal, accepted, historical definition.

China has more free speech than America, and their system of regulating speech is closer to the traditional American system. China also bans pornography.

Obviously, China bans some kinds of criticism of their government, and that would violate our First Amendment, but on the whole, their current situation is much closer to our traditional situation.

This is how the Founding Fathers themselves would analyze it.

Thomas Jefferson himself argued for the death penalty for faggots.

Again, I’m sure he would have allowed discussion of the issues – but not the propaganda promoting the act to kids. That is not free speech, it is obscenity.

Go read the scholarship, find out about the Miller Test and the other SCOTUS rulings, and realize that the First Amendment is perfect.

Do not forget what they’ve taken from us.