China: BASED Chinks Execute Drug Dealers in Front of Schoolkids for Educational Purposes

Daily Stormer
June 29, 2018

I guess you can tell the difference between a chink with Down Syndrome and a regular one

Can someone explain to me why we aren’t doing stuff like this?

Oh right, I forgot – because (((human rights))).


School children were among a crowd of hundreds who watched the execution of two drug dealers.

The criminals were sentenced to death and immediately marched to a firing squad as part of a government crackdown.

The move was designed to act as a deterrent to the children, who had been organised to watch the sentencing rally.


Kids should learn early on that killing people and destroying society – which is what drug dealers do – is a bad thing, and people who do it need to die.

Although I think the point would’ve gotten through better if they used rocket launchers instead of guns.

Around 300 residents of Haikou, in southern China’s Hainan Province, were also in attendance at the event, which was filmed and posted online.

It formed part of the government’s campaign known as International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which falls on 26th June each year.

The first criminal, 39-year-old Cai Liqun, was found guilty of selling methamphetamine and magu. The latter is a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine, and is a relatively new type of drug in China.

The other criminal, 36-year-old Huang Zhengye, was found guilty of transporting and selling methamphetamine.

Their sentences were announced in the sports ground in Haikou by a female judge.

’Now I announce, take Cai Liqun and Huang Zhenye to the execution ground and carry out the execution by shooting,’ she said.


Trump should declare her an Honolaly Alyan and give her Kennedy’s seat.

In China it is fairly common for executions to be public events that can attract thousands of people.

Spectators at yesterday’s event appeared to support public death sentencing.

The majority of people everywhere support this kind of stuff.

Every society has some things that make the vast majority of people say “Man, you gotta die like, right now, right this very second, for doing X.”

What X is varies, but it’s usually about harming kids and stuff like that.

When a society is incapable of killing those that most of its people consider the very worst of the worst, it just shows that that society is no longer run in the majority’s interest.

Pan Hui, a teacher from the local Yunlong Middle School, told China News that such events could help ‘educate’ and ‘frighten’ the students, and they could also make the students fearful of committing crimes.

‘Our school has been carrying out anti-drug educational campaigns constantly to keep the students away from drugs,’ said teacher Pan.

Instead of nagging them about it – which is more likely to have the opposite effect – you should do stuff like this more often.

However, concerns have been expressed in the past towards China’s public death sentencing.

Commenting on a different rally in Shanwei city in last June, William Nee at the Amnesty International said the event was ‘tragic’ and ‘barbaric’.

Well look at that, an (((NGO))) founded and controlled by the same (((people))) who are the biggest drug dealers in the world is interfering in someone else’s country and trying to save drug dealers and sabotage the Chinks’ efforts to stop kids from taking drugs.

I’m absolutely shocked God’s chosen would do something like that.

If something fucks up your brain, you can be damn sure Jews support it – and then whine when you point it out.


Game of Thrones execution-in-front-of-kid scene:

Same scene in Vikings, a shitty feminist rip-off of GoT with no gay ass dragons:

All throughout history it was considered part of a boy’s growing up experience to come to terms with death – preferably in the form of a public hanging or throat-slicing/beheading of a human. Otherwise, at the very least kids witnessed the gory deaths of animals (if they lived on a farm and there was no one to execute, as crime tends to be an urban phenomenon).

It is an important part of life – the most important part, in fact – to come to terms with the reality of death, that we will all die some day. Boomers were the first generation to not do this, and part of that was presumably because they were the first generation not to live on farms, not to understand that the meat they were eating came from a living, breathing creature. They bought the meat in plastic wrap from the butcher’s shop or the supermarket.

I killed a pig once. It was a very emotional experience – opened its throat with a knife while it screamed like a human being. It was such a happy pig. I had bought it weeks earlier, fed it and patted its head and so on, watched it roll around and play games. But it had to die, so that others could live by eating its flesh. And it had to die because all things die.

Remember that: Some day you will die. Think of that as often as you think of anything else: you will die. Whenever you do anything, understand that every second you live, you are closer to death. That fact should always guide your decisions.

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