China Bans Bat Soup AND Snake Soup in Wake of Coronavirus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2020

Bat soup brings strong bones to a healthy family.

I don’t think bat soup caused this disease, and people need to eat bat in order to have healthy bones.

But even if bat soup is banned – why ban snake soup?

Snakes are not even a mammal.


China’s Agriculture Ministry has banned trade in wildlife nationwide to curb the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Wild animals consumed for food are believed to be the source of the outbreak.

The ministry banned trade in wild animals – alive or dead – in markets, supermarkets, restaurants, and e-commerce platforms, as well as the transportation of wildlife. It also ordered a quarantine of all places where such animals are bred, it said in a joint statement with the Forestry Department.

Two seafood markets in the big industrial city of Wuhan are believed to have been the starting point of the 2019-nCoV virus outbreak, which has already claimed more than 50 lives in China.

The virus causes flu-like symptoms and is transmittable between humans. The exact animal species that transmitted the infection to humans is yet to be identified, with bats and snakes mentioned as possible candidates.

Earlier on Tuesday, the ministry ordered stricter control of wildlife with a focus on Wuhan, but stopped short of banning it altogether nationwide. Dishes incorporating wildlife are considered gourmet in many parts of China. They have been slowly going out of favor in larger cities like Beijing, but the demand remains relatively high in certain provinces.

Of course it does.

Everyone knows that bat soup is delicious.

“Bat soup has been proven by doctors to increase the health and happiness of the strength of the bones in your family. Eat bat soup every day for maximum strong.”

Even top racist Alt-Right Republicans believe this.

Basically, only homosexuals like Paul Joseph Watson are shilling for the bat soup origin of the Coronavirus.

China should just come out and blame the CIA for this virus.

It is obviously from the CIA, what with Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg planning it at the John Hopkins Center.

But even if it wasn’t created by the CIA, China blaming them for it would be pro-political and hilarious.

I think for the time being, 99% of the infections and deaths are going to be among Asians, because that’s how the virus was designed. But it could mutate and start killing everyone.

If it is even a big deal. No one knows yet if it is a big deal. 50-odd people dying does not a plague make.

If this whole thing kills us all and bat soup gets blamed, I’m gonna be really mad.

I just wish that pro-bat soup sentiment wasn’t so closely associated with virulent racism against the blacks.