China Attacked for Developing Technology to Screen Moslems (Non-Moslems Should be Considered Potential Moslems)

There are some things that will never happen in any universe.

Among the things that will never happen in any universe: you will never convince the Chinese of the importance of refusing to analyze patterns in the behavior of different groups.

Obviously, whatever you think of Moslems, they are thousands and thousands if not millions of times more likely than a Chinaman to stab up a train station. The claim that even though there is virtually zero chance that a Chinaman is going to stab up a train station, a program to stop train station stabbings should include heavy scrutiny of Chinamen because otherwise it would hurt the feelings of the Moslems, will be seen as simply confusing and inefficient by the Chinese.

Probably, it would also be seen as generally unfair: Moslems, and not Chinamen, are stabbing up train stations. It would be wrong to inconvenience Chinamen as a response to the actions of Moslems. Chinamen are already being inconvenienced by the threat of stabbings, so to then say that because Moslems are stabbing them, they are now under suspicion of being Moslem stabbers, is really adding insult to injury.

I remember when they first started with the TSA after 911, and I was just totally incapable of processing the fact that they were patting down and searching non-Moslems. It very much felt like: “oh, so these people attacked us, and now we’re getting punished for being attacked?”

Based on this logic, police shouldn’t be able to issue descriptions of people suspected of crimes, and stop people who meet the description. They should instead just be stopping people randomly, and hoping they find the perp by accident.

For better or worse, the Chinese still analyze situations logically, and also try to be fair.

Business Insider:

Huawei tested an AI-powered facial-recognition technology that could trigger a “Uighur alarm” for Chinese authorities when it identified a person from the persecuted minority group in 2018, The Washington Post reported last week.

At the time, Huawei spokesperson Glenn Schloss told The Post that the tool was “simply a test and it has not seen real-world application.”

But a new investigation published by The Post on Saturday found that Huawei has worked with dozens of security firms to build surveillance tools — and that products it developed in partnership with four of those companies claimed to be able to identify and monitor people based on their ethnicity.

Documents publicly available on Huawei’s website detailed the capabilities of those ethnicity-tracking tools as well as more than 2,000 product collaborations, according to The Post. The publication also reported that after it contacted Huawei, the company took the website offline temporarily before restoring the site with only 38 products listed.

“Huawei opposes discrimination of all types, including the use of technology to carry out ethnic discrimination,” a Huawei spokesperson told Business Insider. “We provide general-purpose ICT [information and communication technology] products based on recognized industry standards.”

“We do not develop or sell systems that identify people by their ethnic group, and we do not condone the use of our technologies to discriminate against or oppress members of any community,” the spokesperson continued. “We take the allegations in the Washington Post’s article very seriously and are investigating the issues raised within.”

It’s only just now that the Chinese have begun to realize that when Westerners talk about “racism,” what they are talking about is not necessarily oppression, but any acknowledgement that certain groups are prone to certain patterns of behavior.

They will presumably never be able to grasp the reasoning behind it. That is just too esoteric.

This is probably what the explanation for this would look like in a Chinese textbook, or a corporate email:

Jewish-controlled Western institutions promote the false assertion that all races are biologically identical. In order to protect this factually inaccurate claim, thy prohibit the acknowledgement of group differences in any context which does not explicitly benefit the nonwhite and non-Asian population in question. Thus, “black men have big penises” is a permitted observation, while “black men commit 85 times more violent crime than whites” is a prohibited observation.

Jews promote this “anti-racist” doctrine in order to prevent the mainstream white culture from recognizing them as an alien population group. The willingness of the dominant white population to accept the popular denial of reality as a cultural norm appears to stem from individual masochism, bolstered by peer pressure and a bizarre interpretation of Marxist theory.

Although the Jews have typically targeted the white population with accusations of “racism,” the ability to be labeled a racist is dependent on the general competency level of your group, as analyzed by a secret general racial competence score. Due to the economic and cultural influence of the yellow Asian, they are no longer seen as potential victims of racism, and are instead classified as perpetrators of racism.

As the ruling class, the Jewish people maintain a unique status as both wealthy and powerful, and victims of the mainstream society.

The label of “racist” ensures that a person is no longer protected by the social norms or laws of the Western world, and may be subjected to economic sanction, imprisonment, torture or death. Thus, in doing business with Western companies or individuals, Chinese should take care not to reference the group behavioral patterns of specific ethnic groups. It may be helpful in certain contexts to profess a love for black Africans or Islamic central Asians, in order to gain favor with whites, who put great emphasis on the moral status of business associates and base their analysis of a person’s moral fortitude entirely on an individual’s perceived respect for ostensibly downtrodden groups.

Please note that women, homosexuals, and the obese are also venerated as victims of the mainstream of Western culture, and thus acknowledging the competence gap between men and women, or the sexually transmitted disease gap between the heterosexual and the heterosexual, will result in a negative backlash.

It must be very strange to be Chinese, and be sitting here watching this insanity.

As I said a long time ago, framing the Chinese as racists is going to be a big part of how the upcoming war against the Chinese is marketed to leftists.