China Arresting Degenerate Westerners, Canada Whining Because Their People are All Godless Drug Addicts

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2019

At first China was all like

But now they’re just like

If I were China, I would have rounded up every Canadian in the country and put them in a camp after Meng was kidnapped by the Canadian government.

In fact, I would have done it even before that. Canadians are a disreputable and criminal race of rascals.

New York Times:

China has detained another Canadian citizen, the authorities in Canada have said, adding to the high tensions between the two countries’ governments.

The person, who was not identified by the Canadians, was arrested this past week in the eastern Chinese city of Yantai, according to Global Affairs Canada, the country’s foreign ministry. The Canadian being held in custody has received consular services, the ministry said on Saturday.

The two countries have been at odds since December, when China arrested two Canadians — a former diplomat and a businessman — who were later charged with espionage.

Their arrests are believed to have been in retaliation for the arrest by Canada that same month of a senior executive at Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant that the United States has declared a security threat. Chinese courts have also sentenced two other Canadians to death on drug-related charges.

The detention of the Canadian last week occurred at about the same time as the arrest of a number of foreign teachers and students on drug charges in the city of Xuzhou, also in eastern China.

At least four of the 16 arrested in Xuzhou were British teachers, according to the British Embassy in Beijing.

The arrest of the Canadian could be a drug case related to the other arrests or it could have been a way for China to send another signal to Canada that it wants the Huawei executive, Meng Wanzhou, to be released, according to a Canadian former official, who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the cases.

I can help you out with that, NYT: it’s both.

For years, China has allowed white people to do drugs in China, as they view it as part of Western culture and none of their business as long as the behavior doesn’t spill over into Chinese society. And they believe they need white people there, mainly as English teachers, but also in their universities, as this is seen as prestigious.

They allow Nigerians to distribute the drugs and the Nigerians are regularly questioned by police.

The Telegraph described the situation in Xuzhou yesterday:

Amid flashing lights and pounding music, foreigners had their pick of drugs – marijuana, cocaine, ketamine, meth, fentanyl. Nightlife ran wild here for years in Xuzhou, a lush pocket of eastern China dotted with lakes and ringed by mountains.

“Back then we would go into clubs and just go table to table, drinking for free,” said one expat, declining to give a full name.

As few foreigners were willing to come for study or employment in this small city – accessible only by rail or road – expats said they were able to get away with this kind of freewheeling behaviour.

So yes: they are arresting people for drugs.

And yes: they are arresting Westerners for the way the West is treating them.

Both are simultaneously true.

What they are NOT going to do is what the West is doing, and just start randomly kidnapping people in order to menace their country of origin. The Chinese justice system is much more legitimate and fair than that of the West – by orders of magnitude.

Drugs were never legal in China. These people were always breaking Chinese law.

Yes, the Chinese let them get away with it, and there was a sort of unspoken understanding, but it was never an official understanding, and they have every right to enforce their drug laws against these degenerate English teachers – most of whom are such complete and total faggots that if you invite them to the brothel they will start talking about how they “never pay” and if you point out that classifying spending 8 hours with a woman in order to convince them to have sex with you is only “free” if you believe your time is utterly without inherent value, they will get shifty-eyed and start talking about how “I want the girl to like me.” This is to say, they are not only degenerate drug addicts, but also infected with Mommy Syndrome. These two problems are connected, methinks.

It’s cool though because they were just going to act weird at the brothels anyway, and you’ll have a better time alone and maybe you’ll meet some completely unhinged 65-year-old whore-mongering Australian hooligan in the brothel area who is going to bring 10x the party of some millennial faggot English teacher.

Point being: Canadians are terrible drug users, and the whole “Ugly American” tourist meme is based entirely on Canadians pretending to be Americans. I’m surprised more Canadians are not being arrested.

Standard Canadian.

China keeps being victimized by the West on the global stage, and everyone can see it.

People hate the Chinese because they are loud and they spit in hallways, but they know they are not Moslems and they’re not out to get anyone. It is very difficult to portray them as villains. All of the propaganda amounts to “oppressing their own people,” and when it comes to the Chinese, people are so confused by their social order that they can’t even comprehend making moral judgements.

This Canadian arrest comes after Donald Trump started saying he was going to sell weapons to the rebellion in Taiwan, presumably as part of an attempt to foment some kind of proxy war against the Chinese inside of Taiwan.

Having a Mexican standoff with the Chinese is completely nonsensical.

We should be having a Mexican standoff with the sickening filthy Mexicans.

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