China and India Agree to Try to Ease Border Tensions (Just Wait for the False Flag)

Antony Blinken isn’t going to be happy about this.


The Director Generals of Military Operations (DGsMO) of India and Pakistan have announced that they agreed to stop firing across the Kashmir border in an attempt to secure sustainable peace in the region.

A ceasefire between India-administered and Pakistan-controlled Kashmir has technically been in place since 2003. However, both countries have regularly violated the truce.

The disputed Kashmir border has been the site of frequent gunfire, with Pakistan claiming Indian forces fired across the Line of Control (LoC), which divides the two countries, at least 175 times, leading to eight civilian casualties. In 2020, India alleged that Pakistan violated border agreements up to 5,133 times, causing the deaths of 22 civilians and 24 soldiers, as well as a further 197 injuries.

“In the interest of achieving mutually beneficial and sustainable peace along the borders, the two DGsMO agreed to address each other’s core issues and concerns which have propensity to disturb peace and lead to violence,” the two militaries announced in a joint statement on Thursday.

I’ve identified the India-China border as the most likely place to light the match for World War III, which I’ve decided is the only possible thing that can happen, other than the US just totally bitching out and letting China take over the world.

However, it would be pretty easy to do on the Kazakh-China border as well.

Or maybe it wouldn’t be. Running ISIS agents into Xinjiang would really be kinda wacky. That is a Mike Pompeo move. Pompeo vaguely intimated at least several times that he wanted to run weapons into Hong Kong.

Antony Blinken is going to be less belligerent, and he’s also functioning without a president who is trying to stop wars.

He’s got a blank check, and if I had a blank check, I would create multiple incidents everywhere other than in Taiwan. Taiwan is the only place where China is really going to react. Everywhere else they will just release statements saying “please be reasonable.”

The problem is that it is hard to rattle the Chinese. These think tanks have literally said “this is the first time the West has faced a serious adversary that isn’t white.” Yes, notably, all think tanks just openly admit that the Moslems were not a serious adversary, and refer to those wars as “reinforcing democratic values.” They compare China to the USSR. And they have all basically come to the conclusion that the West would lose an extended cold war.

But I mean – these people are up there talking about trannies and black people, they’re putting kids in tents. They are so far separated from reality themselves as well. They don’t believe in the coronavirus or care about trannies or blacks, but they think they’re going to alter their genes and live forever.

Basically, I’m developing a form of solipsism where I feel like I’m the last man.