China Accused of Meddling in the Philippines Election!

The Jewish media is not yet accusing Rody Duterte of working with the Chinese to hack Democracy – but they’ve found someone saying that to quote so they can run the headline.


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s office on Monday described as “nonsense” a suggestion by a former foreign minister that Beijing may have helped to determine the outcome of a 2016 election that swept the mercurial leader to power.

Speaking at a forum on Monday, former foreign secretary Albert del Rosario said a “most reliable international entity” had informed him that senior Chinese officials were “bragging that they had been able to influence the 2016 Philippine elections so that Duterte would be president.”

Del Rosario, a key player in the Philippines’ landmark arbitration victory against Beijing’s sweeping South China Sea claims, did not elaborate on the source of the information he said he received in early 2019, how it was obtained, or how China might have influenced the election outcome.

Duterte’s spokesperson Harry Roque, in his regular briefing, described Del Rosario’s remarks as “nonsense” and called him a “proven traitor” before telling him to “shut up”.

Roque has accused Del Rosario, during his time as foreign secretary, of ceding control of the Scarborough Shoal to China.

The Philippine and Chinese foreign ministries, China’s embassy in Manila and the Philippine election commission did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Though Duterte is highly popular in the Philippines, his embrace of China and reluctance to criticise its foreign policy or maritime conduct has been controversial.

He has long maintained it was pointless and dangerous to challenge China.

Q: Who believes that it is “controversial” to say that the Philippines challenging china is “pointless and dangerous”?

A: The Jewish media.

When the Jewish media says anything is “controversial,” they are always referring to themselves as the ones creating the controversy.

What exactly does the Philippines gain by challenging China?

The answer is obviously “nothing.” You don’t have to know a lot about the situation to know that. It is a third world country, and the poorest country in Asia, and it shares a border with China. Telling the Philippines to send their military to fight Chinese is exactly like telling the Dominican Republic to send ships to fight the US military. It is nonsensical.

Just look at the map.

But of course, the Jews are obsessed with China, so they print this crap in their media.

Rody Duterte is probably the most popular leader in the world – outside of China.

He’s remained popular even though he’s done the lunatic virus hoax.

But even though he’s done the virus hoax, the West still wants to overthrow him – because he’s popular.