China: 70,000 People in a Football Stadium – No Masks

Chinese football game
American football game

Everyone in the West is on the same page, right?

So if you want to understand what’s going on with this virus, you have to look at a different page, right?

China is on a different page, right?

China is doing massive stadium football games. No one is wearing masks.

The West isn’t reporting this. That tweet obviously is from Italian news, and they’re less censored because the censors don’t speak Italian.

Frankly, I think that social media is censoring the fact that China is doing this.

Basically, social media now censors everything that the media doesn’t cover, explicitly.

Remember when this virus was supposed to have come from China? Then it turned out that actually, it had supposedly been in Europe first?

Remember when the media was showing videos of Chinese people being arrested for not wearing masks? And remember how they were saying this was abuse, or whatever?

Well, this appears to have been the series of events:

  • Western intelligence sent a test to the Chinese
  • Chinese started doing mass testing in Wuhan and found that people had the virus, and a few of them died
  • China locked down Wuhan (not one of these bizarre Western lockdowns, they just quarantined the city in its entirety, blocking the roads and not letting people in or out)
  • There was a little bit of a freakout in Wuhan, as people were forced to wear masks
  • The virus allegedly then spread out of Wuhan, which is to say, people started doing tests for it and there were positive tests
  • A bunch of old people in Italy died from the flu, and it was blamed on coronavirus (it was later stated that many of them died of influenza, and it was revealed that nearly 100% of the old people that died had serious preexisting conditions)
  • People who work for Bill Gates at Imperial College London said that millions of people were going to die in America
  • America, and then every other Western country, implemented a lockdown to “flatten the curve” (ensure that hospitals weren’t overwhelmed, as they had been in Italy)
  • Hospitals were not overwhelmed, but the lockdown remained, and is still in place to variant degrees across the entire West
  • China briefly had people wear masks and did a few other things
  • China quickly dropped all of these measures, and told people to go about life normally
  • China effectively banned testing for the virus, telling hospitals to stop testing
  • China went back to totally normal life

In short:

  • China freaked out, briefly
  • Without doing anything, China “beat the virus” by stopping testing

The reality is that all kinds of viruses exist. There are millions of them. We all have them in our bodies at any time. Most of them don’t do anything at all. Sometimes, they make us sick. There is no cure for a virus anyway (not in the way that antibiotics are a cure for bacterial infections), and developing a test is extremely expensive, so the response to a viral infection is to treat the symptoms.

There are virtually no tests for any virus, and the ones that exist are not very good. Even the HIV test is often wrong, because all it tests is your antibodies.

Recently, Elon Musk, who apparently has coronavirus, took four tests in one day – two of them were positive and two were negative. Even if the test result is accurate, it could well be identifying any flu virus, because the antibodies it is measuring are largely the same.

The CDC admits that only 6% of the people they record as having died from “COVID-19” died from it alone, the rest having died from something else. Obviously, if we didn’t have a test, the 94% would have been recorded as having died from whatever the¬†comorbidity was, and the 6% would have been recorded as having died from the flu.

This is what has become clear: this “crisis” is caused by testing. If we did not have a test, no one would know this virus exists. The media would have reported a high number of flu casualties in Italy during the 2020 flu season, and most people never would have heard about that.

Nothing else would ever indicate that this virus existed. The total death numbers are not going up significantly, and the lockdown itself, in particular restrictions on medical treatment, would have increased the total national death toll in any country that did a lockdown.

While Chinese are having a fun time, with much freedom, this is what is happening at American kids’ football games:

This is all while the American media and government are claiming we have to have a war with China because they don’t have enough freedom.

So, I mean – figure it out.

I guess everyone who reads this website has figured it out, and because we are banned from social media and massively delisted on Google, very few new people are coming to this site.

So maybe I should just stop explaining that this is all completely fake?