China: 20-Year-Old Woman is Detained After Posing Naked at Children’s Park

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2020

In some parts of the world, women are not allowed to be indecent.

In some parts of the world, THOTs are patrolled.

Daily Mail:

A young woman in China has been detained after posing naked at a children’s park and then posting the risqué pictures onto social media to flaunt her ‘hot body’.

The 20-year-old model, known by her surname Zhang, hired a male photographer to snap the photos on a ride at the Fengling Children’s Park in the city of Nanning on New Year’s Eve, according to police.

The photographer, 31, also uploaded the X-rated pictures onto his social media account and was subsequently detained for spreading pornography.

Detaining someone for spreading pornography may sound civilized and decent, but it’s actually anti-freedom and thus, against Our Values as a Democracy.

It’s no wonder Hong Kong wants nothing to do with China.

What kind of country doesn’t allow sexual imagery to bombard the minds of its disposable workers men?

Ms Zhang claimed that she had the pictures taken because she thought she had a good figure and hoped the images could document her youth, according to Nanning Legal Online.

She said she did not realise that posing in public naked was illegal.

Oh, yeah?

Don’t underestimate Chinese honor.

The photographer, known by his surname Xue, was on another gondola while taking the pictures and filming the scenes.

Pictures and footage circulating on Chinese messaging app WeChat show a nude Ms Zhang displaying different postures on a gondola which resembled a parachute with the city’s neon-lit skyline in the background.

The park’s management said the pair took the £1-per-ride attraction twice in order to complete the photo shoot.

A statement from the business claimed that neither the model or the photographer had sought permission for the photo shoot and that the park’s workers were not aware of the situation on the day.

The park called the police on Saturday after the pictures in question had gone viral.

In a statement yesterday, the police said they had given Ms Zhang a five-day detention for exposing her naked body in public. Mr Xue was also detained for five days for spreading pornography.

Under Chinese law, anyone who exposes his or her body in public or behaves indecently can be detained for five to 10 days; while anyone who spreads pornography for commercial interests can be given a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Clean, honorable, and productive society.

Meanwhile in the West:

Pornography should be banned because it is sexual exploitation of men, but women running wild in the streets and literally asking for it with their skimpy clothing should also be banned.

If we want to move forward as a people and save whatever is left of our civilization, the Era of The Slut must come to an end.