Chimpanzees’ Intelligence Comes from Genes not Upbringing

Daily Slave
July 12, 2014

Genetics in chimpanzees and in humans play a key role in the intelligence of their offspring.

A new study concludes that the intelligence of chimpanzees is inherited suggesting that genetics versus their environment governs how smart or dumb a particular chimpanzee is.  The article covering this study even concedes that this research could help understand the basis of human intelligence.

Racial factors in humans are obviously very important in determining the intelligence level or the type of intelligence a particular human being possesses.  This is why you see fewer Blacks going on to hold technology and engineering jobs where as you see many Whites and Asians in these fields.  Of course Blacks are generally able to jump higher and run faster which is why we see many Blacks succeeding in professional sports.

Even though these are obvious facts, the Jew media will say that anybody who talks about this is “racist”.  Affirmative action programs are meant to lower the standard for ethnic minorities who generally speaking don’t possess the same types of intelligence necessary to succeed in certain fields.  There are of course exceptions to this and these programs do a disservice to those people who can legitimately succeed in a field despite their racial background.

From IB Times:

Chimpanzees’ intelligence is down to genes rather than upbringing, which suggests that nature rather than nurture governs smart behaviour in our closest living cousins.

Scientists have long pondered the basis of human intelligence, based on IQ tests and studies of identical twins brought up apart, but a new study has found that the “cognitive ability” of primates is dependent on inheritance rather than their environment.

The research could be important for understanding the basis of human intelligence and cognitive abilities, as the genes involved in chimp behaviour are likely to have a similar origin to those involved with human intellect.