Chile: Masked Women Dressed in Red Do Weird Menstrual Witchery Ritual on the Streets

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2019

Feminists are known to do all kinds of weird stuff as a form of witchcraft protest, from running around screaming while naked to covering themselves in fake blood and wearing vulva hats.

The Sub-American kind of feminists found in Sub-American countries are a more vicious form of feminist that doesn’t even try to hide the heretic, devilish nature of their movement.

Daily Mail:

Women in Chile dressed in red masks are pictured marching together in Santiago against gender violence and inequality.

The activists are seen wearing red masks covering their entire face as they come together to stand against social and economic inequality in the Chilean capital.

Take a close look at the bodies of the women wearing red.

If they are really against inequality, they should all start setting the example by losing all that excess fat and acquiring a form befitting of a woman.

Such blatant differences in levels of body fat make everyone unequal.

All feminists should devote themselves to being equal in slimness.

Protests started on October 18 against the entrenched political elite that comes from a small number of the wealthiest families in Chile.

One banner reads: ‘On my way home I want to be free, not raped or murdered’ with another stating: ‘I was not born a woman to die for being one.’ 

If they don’t want to be raped or murdered on their way home, then why do they go outside of their homes in the first place?

This is a tough world, full of predators.

It is funny that they use the classic “women are dying just for being women” talking point, but what do they think they were born for? Slutting around? Working in some office? Nagging constantly?

Running around naked?

On Monday 25 women rallied naked in the streets of the city to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Activists lit candles and held signs to stand against the sexual violence they believe is carried out by the state.

It comes as femicide and violence against women has risen across Chile and research from 2004 revealed that 50 per cent of married women have suffered abuse at the hands of their spouse.

And many activists believe that stigmatizing domestic crimes against women as ‘personal issues’ or ‘crimes of passion’ is adding to the issue, according to The Sun.

Yeah, women are literally killed for being women, no other reason. No such thing as a crime of passion or personal issues, it’s literally because they are women that they are killed, which means that it can happen randomly to any woman, at any time.

I’m more concerned about their witchcraft ritual though, wearing weird red masks and lighting candles and stuff.

This is clearly related to demons.

They were also wearing the green handkerchief thing that symbolizes their support for abortion, so it looks like they are in some kind of blood ritual offering declaring themselves to be symbolically covered in blood.

Of course, people are meant to believe that the red symbolizes women’s blood and not the blood of their murdered babies.

Presenting themselves in red to evoke the idea of them being covered in blood while at the same time wearing the green “I support abortion” thing though… not the brightest idea.