Children? Want Someday.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2019

I genuinely think we’re getting ready to hit some kind of shift in society. Right now, we are witnessing a generation of women – older millennials and younger Gen Xers – who decided to spend their teens, twenties and thirties in a haze of feelgood pleasure-seeking.

They built their fake careers (yes, they are fake, anyone who has worked with women knows they are the opposite of productive, in that they aren’t only unproductive but actually inhibit men from being productive). They had as much sex as they wanted. They played games with men, dating on and off, having all kinds of “romantic affairs.”

Now they’re in their thirties and forties and they’ve decided that they want children.

It is my belief that societies are driven primarily by psychic energies. That our ideas and our emotions ping each other, constantly. There is science to back this up, but of course it is limited, due to the fact that people like Rupert Sheldrake get blacklisted from academia for even suggesting that we are anything more than a gigantic accident of nature. But it is something I believe, it is something that many ancient Greeks believed, and it is something which I can see in society, constantly.

The psychic energy of these women, who lost their chance at having children by making the unprecedented decision to use abortion and birth control to suppress the entirety of their fertile years, is going to register with younger women. And I believe that many younger women will make different decisions than these women made.

These images are from Bumble, a dating site.

All of these women in their thirties and forties are childless, but they “want someday.”

It’s a little bit sad.

Most of them will not have children, and if they manage, the children will have developmental disorders.

At any other time in all of human history, these women would be welcoming their first grandchildren.

There are millions of women across the entire Western world in this position. Because at the time, it seemed like a really good idea to spend their fertile years screwing around.

With regards to the phenomenon of psychic energies driving society, one thing I can say that’s positive about women is that they do appear to be more in-tune with this than men, because historically, women were at the mercy of the vastly superior physical strength of men, so they developed alternate methods of survival. Along with their incredible ability to emotionally manipulate men, they also have an uncanny ability to sense fluctuations in social trends.

Young women will feel the disturbance in the human psychic field that these women are creating.

And some will presumably act on that.

We can only hope.