Children: Racist Teacher is Best Teacher

Modern Heretic
May 29, 2015


There’s nothing the communist jew hates more than White beauty. It’s a painful reminder of its own outer and inner demonic ugliness and the most obvious proof that the merchant was not, in fact, chosen by God for anything other than some prime real estate in hell. This is why we get the kosher ideal of the tan everyman: an ugly brown moron that can be enslaved, just as the talmud promises. Obviously, a healthy White has little desire to flush thousands of years of unique genetic inheritance, what amounts to a winning DNA lottery ticket, down the toilet so that satanic monsters who hate us can appease the moloch they worship. This means the endless propaganda, but at the end of the day telling a White woman to give birth to Curious George is still a hard sell, even after decades of endless anti-White attacks from the talmudvision, our criminal government and the educational system.

Speaking of the education complex, it appears not everyone in it is a total and complete kosher scumbag. I know, I’m surprised too.



Some parents of students at a charter school in Huntersville said they’re upset that the school allowed students to name a teacher involved in a racially-charged project as teacher of the month.

A teacher who challenges cultural marxism is also extremely popular. How about that. Sounds like you goyim need a lot more time in front of the telavivision.

Two months ago the teacher had initiated an experiment asking students to draw what their randomly mixed children might look like.

Suffice it to say the end result was a lot more honest than what our enemies want. Out of the mouths of babes…

The result was a poster called the “Wall of Ugly” that led to an apology by school administrators.

Whoa, ugly? I thought every human being was full of value and wonder, much more so when they have the “gift” of Frankenstein racial genetics. Sounds like the problem is the evil racists not seeing the beauty in the abominations the students drew, not the teacher. Anyway, make sure you’re not drinking or eating before taking a look at this project

The “Your mixed baby with cool and soulful Barkevious will be a sun-tanned White!” programming doesn’t seem to be working. Honestly, these children have more wisdom than most adults. It’s tough picking my favorite depiction of why genetics matter, but I think I have to go with bottom right. A negro monster with blue eyes, massive lips, a low forehead and a huge nose. What do you mean it’s ugly? Isn’t this what our enemies have endlessly pushed on us? Everything about this story makes me smile.

“They apologized and then turned around (and) allowed that teacher to be teacher of the month,” said one parent who did not want to be identified.

“We are sorry we exposed your children to reality. Next time we will force them to draw attractive mulattoes. I hope you recover soon from this unpleasant brush with how the world actually works.”

“The school is showing us they aren’t taking ownership of the diversity issue,” she added.

What does this even mean? Just fire out random jew buzz-words like Miss South Carolina answering a question about maps, hope something sticks.

A school spokeswoman said the school did not endorse the selection, but let students vote on their favorite teacher.

We can’t stop those little White devils from forming their own opinions…try as we might.

“Actions speak louder than words, so after you’ve voiced your opinion lots of times, you expect a response, not just words,” one parent said.

I assumed she’d become an unperson or at least get a decade in a gulag. How could that fail to happen here in the Land of the Free?

Do as I say, not as I do.