Children Have Been Beating Each Other Up at the Airport for Eons

When you get that metallic taste in the back of your throat, your upper lip begins to twitch, and you hear a muted ringing in your ears: you’re in Miami, Bitch.

This video of Miami, Bitch shows a collection of black youths innocently beating each other at the airport, as children have done for eons.

It was posted by Jewish grease merchant Billy Corben (William Cohen).

The most fascinating thing about the video is the white people saying “come on, bro.” There are all kinds of things you could imagine whites are feeling after having been taught that blacks are exactly the same as them and only behave differently because of racism, and then seeing them turn an airport into a scene out of the jungle. What I have found is that when whites see bad black behavior, they feel a sense of personal guilt. Of course, when it is something as ridiculous as creating a violent scene at the most uncomfortable place of all – the airport – there is no doubt also genuine frustration.

From what I understand about the current state of critical race theory, however, it was an act of racial aggression for these whites to call for security when these blacks were brawling in the terminal. In fact, I think it would also be racist for white airport security to break up the fighting.

These rules are changing so quickly of course that no one really knows what you are and aren’t allowed to do, with regards to the blacks.

What we can say for certain is that the last year of “racial reckoning” has drastically increased the prevalence of bad black behavior. Clearly, according to the doctrine of critical race theory, the opposite should have happened. However, while I think people are starting to recognize the fact that this prediction of better black behavior is not coming to pass, it is also a plain fact that once we accepted the concept of “systemic racism” without anyone ever being required to explain what it was, we were locked in.

This pandering to blacks is making their behavior worse, and worse black behavior means more white responsibility for black behavior which means even more pandering and even worse black behavior.

There’s no way out of any of this other than for whites to collectively admit that the whole thing was a hoax, there never was any “systemic racism,” blacks were not oppressed and have had the exact same opportunities as everyone else for the better part of a century, and the reason they act like savages is because they are fundamentally biologically different from white people. I do not think that whites will ever be willing to admit this.

Even if they were able to get over the guilt, how would they get over the embarrassment of believing in a lie so massive and so ridiculous as “systemic racism”?

The only real solution then is nuclear war.