Childless Haji-Loving Hag Theresa Assumes Rulership

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2016


“Queen” is the only appropriate government position for a woman. Period.

In the wake of Brexit, David Cameron resigned because he was pro-Brexit.

He has now been replaced by pro-Brexit childless hag Theresa May.


This is a picture from her speech today – it’s an AP wire photo all the news sites are using.


She makes this face all the time. The first time I saw it, I was like “oh well, someone must have selectively grabbed that to make her look bad; you can do that to anyone, I know because I do it.” But no. It’s one of her normal faces. 

This is effectively like replacing Obama with Hillary.


Theresa May has become Britain’s second ever female prime minister after being appointed by Queen Elizabeth II, who earlier Wednesday accepted the resignation of outgoing PM David Cameron.

After her appointment, May promised that Britain will leave the EU and will be able to “forge a bold new positive role” for itself.

“Following the referendum we face a time of great national change,” May said. “I know because we’re Great Britain that we will rise to the challenge. As we leave the European Union, we will forge a bold new positive role for ourselves in the world,” she said before entering the prime minister’s official residence at No. 10 Downing Street.

Speaking to the press, May, also the new leader of the Conservative Party, said that when it comes to taxes her government will prioritize ordinary Britons, not the wealthy.

“We will make Britain a country that works not for a privileged few, but for every one of us,” May said.

May, 59, has become the second female British prime minister after Margaret Thatcher, who served in office from 1979-90.

It isn’t just Brexit that the silly bitch Theresa agrees with Cameron about. She agrees with him on everything. She is even more extreme in her love for Islam, because she is a woman and White women are obsessed with Islam.

She will literally wear a hijab to go discuss the needs of the haji community with Islamic clerics.


Hey Theresa, whatchadoin????

This is all feminists, really – or at least all of them that aren’t biologically butch dykes due to high testosterone levels.

All of these women desire, deeply, to be dominated by bearded brown men. They desire to be slapped around, told they don’t have any rights, gang-raped and dressed-up in bags.

That is the basic demand of feminism: “slap me around, tell me I don’t have rights, gang-rape me and put me in a bag.”

And White men won’t do it, so they’ve called in a ringer.


The dried-up childless slut Theresa was openly praising Sharia law just over a month ago. She said Britain “benefits a great deal” from the parallel legal system which includes killing homos, polygamy, forcing women to wear bags, punishing rape victims and cutting people’s hands off (I obviously agree with the first thing and am not necessarily ideologically opposed to the second, but it certainly shows the hypocrisy of this bitch).


She is in every way Merkel-tier. And of course Hillary-tier – Hillary has said she will model her Presidency on Merkel’s leadership model, btw.

Also Jews

Along with shilling the hardest ever for Moslems, Theresa has also shilled harder than anyone for the filthy Christ-killing Jews.

She has declared that Britain would stop being Britain if it didn’t have Jews, and continually rallied in support of both local parasites and the global parasite state of Jew-Israel.


Of course, in some way, this is less eggregious than her shilling for Sharia law. Not because the Jews are better than Moslems, but simply because it is 80-odd% socially acceptable to shill for the Jews, while shilling for Sharia law is opposed by 100% of the right-wing and also a good portion of the left-wing.

Grrrl Power

I just went to Hillary Clinton’s twitter page to see her praising the May installation, and did not find anything. I find this weird, as Hillary’s entire message is just “wooooo grrrl power!!!!!!11111” – she even uses Katy Perry’s “Roar” as her campaign theme song – not even joking.

She even paid Katy to perform at a campaign stop in Iowa – again, not even joking.


Funnily enough, Perry would make a better President than Clinton.

Probably weirder than having Perry at a campaign event is the fact that she paid her to come. It almost seems like bribery, no?


At this point, Hillary has yet to congratulate May, which is weird. But maybe she’s holding off after getting smashed for having attacked the Brexit?

What I did find, visiting Hillary’s twitter page for the first time, is that she quotes herself in tweets. Even though a tweet itself is necessary a quote from one’s self.

This either means she’s sold old and disconnected from modern interneting that she doesn’t understand the way Twitter works, or that she likes referring to herself in the third person because she’s a complete narcissist. Or both. Most likely it is both.

I think she would be more popular if she spoke about herself in the third-person. I’m just old enough remember when Bob Dole did that. It was endearing.