Child-Rapist Defenders at Vice Attack British People for Not Wanting Their Children Gang-Raped

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2014

How dare they not want their little girls drugged and gang-raped by vibrants!  Those horrible Nazis!
How dare they not want their little girls drugged and gang-raped by vibrants! Those horrible Nazis!

The sickening rats of Vice magazine, many of whom are subversive and parasitical Jews, have attacked the British people for opposing the rape of their children by invading subhuman hordes of Pakistani perverts.


As if being the shame capital of Europe wasn’t bad enough, it has temporarily become a magnet for English fascists. Critics have claimed that “multiculturalism” and political correctness are to blame for the failure of officials to act – so nationalists are trying to capitalize on the situation. Last week, protesters from the English Defence League (EDL), which seems to be some kind of undead organization that resuscitates with every front-page news story involving Muslims, started camping on Main Street — the home of Rotherham Borough Council and the central police station. They say they’ll stay there until South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright steps down.

The article goes on to complain about how the EDL are secret racists, even though they claim they are not and it is obvious they are not.

I think they should be racists – this is obviously a racial issue – but the EDL is timid and afraid of that association, and appears to be completely run by Jews.

Anyway, Vice calls them racists and fascists and says they have no right to complain about Pakis drugging and raping their children.

This is the new paradigm: even if you make it explicitly clear that you are not a racist, you are going to be called a racist in any situation where you criticize the behavior of people from one of the protected colored races.  The idea then is that you should simply let the colored peoples do whatever they wish and never question them.  This is, of course, the ideology that led to these girls being raped in the first place.

Vice does not offer a solution to the problem of Paki rape gangs.  They simply say that we need to shut up and take it.

How is it possible that a major publication such as this is openly defending the gang-rape of little girls?

Are we really that far gone?