Child Pornography and Jewish Ritual Murder

Daily Stormer
December 5, 2013

William Pierce examines the darkest aspect of Jewish parasitism.

Jews have been caught throughout history engaging in the ritual torture and murder of gentile children. They claim to have never done this, even though they have been repeatedly convicted of it. They refer to it as ‘blood libel.’

Here is a video about traditional Jewish child murder:

When the video camera was invented, they got the opportunity to use this unimaginably sick drive of their to make a profit, recording and selling the video of them rape-torturing and murdering little Russian children.

Along with the murder of non-Jews, sex with children is completely okay in the Jewish religion.

Ted Pike has provided these scans from the Talmud confirming this.

yebamoth402 yebamoth386 yebamoth62 kethuboth58 sanhedrin469 sanhedrin377 sanhedrin376 sanhedrin371 yebamoth403